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We all know who some of the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent characters are but who are the funniest? Who are the characters that make you laugh when reading some of your favorite comics? To keep things in perspective I'm NOT asking who the funniest character of all time is as what is funny to one person can be boring to the next and comedic value can be something of a matter of a opinion and individual taste. What I am asking is what character (or characters) do YOU think are the funniest?

For me personally I only can afford to read a few titles each month with Deadpool currently at the top of my short list. Most notably the recent run written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. While there have been a few groan worthy jokes most of the stuff in the recent issues Marvel Now Deadpool cracks me up. One of my favorite examples being Issue Number 5 as he fights Ronald Regan in space. I don't want to spoil it but it's pretty priceless.

Also the Joker most notably from his various appearances in the DC Animated Universe. Batman TAS has some golden moments with the clown prince of crime as voiced by legend Mark Hamill. A character that could scare you but at the same time make you bust a gut. One of my favorite moments came from the episode titled "The Laughing Fish". I won't explain what all goes on but at one point Joker calls Harley his little mermaid which is enough to make here squee for him right before he covers the upper half of her body in a silly looking fish costume. This is only helped with Harely's eyes peering out of the fish's mouth saying "You're really sick ya know that boss?" as Mister J gives a big smile and the goofiest "MmHmmmm!" priceless.

But those are just two of my choices, what about you folks?

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Deadpool has been fantastic , I was also very surprised at how funny "the superior foes of spider-man" was, boomerang was hilarious.

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Deadpool, Spider Man, The Thing.