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So I'm trying to think of a name for a newer character in my comic and I am drawing a blank, the comic is about the darker side of superhero's. Basically its about a normal group of people who try to be something more and help out with the city's crime. The new character is new to the city and not affiliated with the group at all. He doesn't do anything special except he is fairly stealthy and a dark person. Oh and his weapons of choice are two brass knuckles. Thanks

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@RandomQe: Grit

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Coming up with names is always the hardest part. If you're looking for a regular name (as opposed to a superhero name) I would look at sites for baby names. Sounds kinda dumb, but they have huge lists of names and you can scroll through them and get a good idea of what you think sounds good. I've always found it challenging to come with a name to suit a particular personality type. I think the most common name for a dark person is Damien, but that's already been taken =D

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Dustan is a possibility for a normal name.

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@RandomQe: Dustan? Meh my real name is Dustin lol so that made me curious. Night Watch, Midnight, Shadow? I'm not sure where you should go with a name, but maybe you can build off or take something from one of these.

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If you're going for dark how about, "the mother f*****", that's pretty grim.

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The Unexistent