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With the recent announcement that a black actor might be cast to play The Human torch....does this matter to you?

Keep in mind Hollywood has been changing ethnicities of characters and whitewashing them for decades, yet the notion seems to be if it's black a black person, nerds act like the unverse is about to be destroyed.

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Hmmmm.. I'm having mixed feelings about this... I mean it's a good thing they are creating racial diversity.... but wouldn't that make sue black too? And I also have to think about the most important question: If my favorite superhero's ethnicity was changed... how would I feel? A black/asian/ hispanic Bruce Wayne.....?

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I just don't care, but that's me........

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Why is it always white and black, wbt other races?

I mean there are other ethnicities in america

what if luke cage is white

why not make sue black as well since they are siblings

why not changing gender instead

so long as it does not pollute into 616