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Domestic violence is a horrible thing. Too many people simply get stuck in bad situations. The 'Women of Wonder' events have been raising awareness and support for those in need. From 2006-2011, six events have raised over $135,000 for Domestic Violence charity programs in three states. If you live close to Portland, Oregon or San Antonio, Texas, you can take part in the events.

What are these events about?

Each event will feature original artwork that will be auctioned off. There will also be guest creators and costumed characters to add to the celebration.

These events take place Sunday, October 21, 2012! 100% of all monies raised goes to the 501(c)3 tax deductible charities.

Portland, Oregon

You can swing by Excalibur Comics at 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd from 12 - 6. There will be an enormous amount of original artwork donated by several creators (such as Billy Tucci, Chris Giarrusso, Daniel HDR, Dave Johnson and many more) as well as signed DVDs and CDs from other media contributions.

Special guests in Portland include Pete Woods, Ibrahim Moustafa and others.

San Antonio, Texas

If you're in the San Antonio area, you can go to Heroes and Fantasies at 4945 NW Loop 410 from 12 - 5. There will be guests, a super-hero game show at 2:30, costume contest at 4:15 and other giveaways plus the huge amount of original art by artists such as Rob Liefeld, Phil Hester, Aaron Lopresti, Art Baltazar and many many more.

If you're looking to have fun celebrating comics and contributing to a great cause, check out these events (provided you live close by).

For more information including the full roster of creator contributors and samples of what will be available, check out the official website: If you can't attend, find out how else you can contribute and if nothing else, help spread the word about this event and cause.

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Thats Wonderful! I wish I could contribute...

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@ccraft: There's stuff on ebay and even a Paypal button on the site. I'm sure you could even donate just a couple bucks. Every bit helps.

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Awesome! Thanks for posting this !

I will be there (at Heroes and Fantasies, San Antonio - my Local Comic Shop!!), live, recording Episode 15 of Stacks of Comics! :D

If anyone is from the San Antonio, area, please be sure to stop by and say HI! :D

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That's a great initiative :)

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Heck yeah i'll be at the San Antonio one! Sounds really cool

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Gosh wish these were close to me because I'd love to help celebrate and contribute :/ What a great cause to have events like this.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Amen to that. Especially given how bad a situation domestic violence can be. I'd be glad to help with Women of Wonder if it was closer to me as well, considering how wonderful the cause is.

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Im bidding! Lets help all the lady's out there!!! No women should ever be abused like that. So lets help out as much as possible!!!!

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dang i live near the wrong portland.

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(grins) This seems like a good deal, but if they really wanted to stop violence against women, they would sponsor a "Buy a handgun for your purse" day.

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Wow!!! That storm/WW looks like a good matchup. But i think WW will probably take it to the HOUSE!!!
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LOL gman! What a better way to bring attension to domestic violence than to have two women getting ready to strap it on!! 
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how weird, i think in asia some countries, its women day for them. they celebrate it as big as mothers day

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Wow nice initiative by people to do things like these. Wish something like this would happen in my state or even one near by.

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I remember this from last year --- its a great idea and I hope it continues. Everyone can participate through eBay which is perfect.

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This is a really great initiative.

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I wish stuff like this made the actual news....

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Im going to send some cash their way, there is still too much of this going on right now, no one should have to put up with domestic abuse and there are also the children to think of, they may not be the ones getting hurt physically but if they see this happening it can have a devasting effect on them.

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Very cool, this should be every city though

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I'm so glad that many artists contribute to such a good cause.

Portland is not far from where I live, I wish I had advanced notice of this event, so I could have arranged to go. DARN IT!

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@RazzaTazz said:

Very cool, this should be every city though
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I can only speak for the San Antonio event, but it was a fantastic turn-out and the charity (Family Violence Prevention Services) was well on their way of obtaining their goal before the day even started (From online bids for the art). From what I could tell, and the amount of folks that showed up to participate, they will have no problem smashing last year's donation goal!

Thanks to everyone that came out! - Especially @noj, who made an appearance at my table and was interviewed for the podcast! :D

If anyone is interested, I will be posting a link to the Live (from San Antonio Heroes and Fantasies) recording of the event/podcast early this week.

BTW - this is what I won at the auction (Captain Marvel as Texas Ranger by @lartist:

Here is my tweet about the piece and response by the artist:

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