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This thread was inspired by discussion on Who should play Mary Jane Watson?

I'm at work for the next few hours yet, unfortunately, so I won't be able to search for many names (I don't know a whole lot off the top of my head) or post any pictures (even with safe search on I still don't want that in my browser history on a work computer) at the moment.

Of course (and this should go without saying), do NOT post any pictures depicting nudity or that are in any other way not safe for work!

With that, let the casting begin!

Wonder Woman - Lucy Pinder

Mera - Heather Caroline

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Black Panther- Lexington Steele

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Well..there's been plenty of superhero porn parodies...um..so I hear... >.> <.<

But anyway.

Supergirl- Lexi Belle

Wonder Woman- Tori Black

Spider-Man- James Deen

Catwoman- Kristina Rose