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Cast Batman, Superman, WW, GL, Flash using actors who played Avengers from the Avengers movie (I'll allow Cobie Smulders to allow at least 2 female choices).

Here's my choices:

Mark Ruffalo as Batman

Chris Evans as Superman

Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman

Jeremy Renner as Green Lantern

Chris Hemsworth as Flash

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Chris Hemsworth's brother Liam should play Barry allen.

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Chris Evans as Superman

Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman

Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman

Mark Ruffalo as GL

No one from the Avengers cast suits Batman or Flash IMO, maybe Renner can pull off Batman or RDJ when he was young but I still can't see it.

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I would do Smulders as WW but I dont count her as the main team.


Jeremy Renner: Batman

Ruffalo: Superman

ScarJo: WW

Chris Hemsworth: Aquaman

Chris Evans: Flash

I guess that leave RDJ for GL

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crhis evans - superman

hemsworth - aquaman

scar jo - wonderwoman

samual L - old john stewart

no on suits batman or flash.

RDJ is ironman its impossibe seeing him as something else

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can we use the characters from Marvel cinematic universe, not just from Avengers? Because Jamie Alexander (Lady Sif) can be perfect as Wonder Woman.

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Scarlett for Batman

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Captain America-Superman


Iron Man-Batman

Black Widow-Wonder Woman


Hulk-Green Lantern