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For those who don't know much about "The Walking Dead" series its about a man named rick grimes who was in a coma. when he awakes he finds himself in a new world.A world that HE ISNT USED TO. A world invested with the walking dead. Issue 105 is the most recent one today. a new one is coming out January 1st I don't recommend this issue to people that want to start this series because I guaranteed will be completely confused and lost. Maybe start on the earlier ones like 99 98 and so on. You should probably buy the first volumes or the compendiums that's what most people I know did anyways. Issue number 105 showed me how grown and how evolved carl has become. *"SPOILER ALERT*" after 104 when carl came out under the mattresses shot everyone up I thought it was the end of Negan and carl but I was shocked to see how Negan took carl in. I know a lot you people don't like ricks plan but If remember he had bad plans in the begging and it turned out not to be bad at all. Some people thinks he's pretty stupid on decided what he did but you'll see. It will all turn out for the best 
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I really don't like Carl

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some people wont like everyone but you mind if I ask why idk but its most likely he is going to take over you don't have to like him but he is a big part of the story