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I just watched th animated movie of Black Adam fighting Superman and Captain Marvel and it brings be to a few questions.Does any one believe that the beings that get there power from shazam are more powerful than they realize? I could understand why CM wouldn't try anything because his physical power is so imposing there rarely is a need for other abilities. Most of his abilities seem to be set in stone but the "power of Zeus" is incredibly ambiguous. You would thing that CM and BA would have great control over lightning or the sky and have other offensive capabilities since there power sources are so magical and vast.

Alan Scott gets his powers from a magical source but he does more than just make magical constructs.... he can pass through solid objects, telepathy, or be a conduit for spells. In the movie BA could project magical energy for different effects whick made a lot of sense and would be expected with someone with his power source and set. What do you guys think?

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Captain Marvel has the potential to be a cut above Supeman's level. But he's not on the level of Black Adam.

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@logy5000: i dont think he is on BA's level.. BA has had his powers a lot longer. do you think CM has th potenial to use his powers in different ways?
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@Hyperlight: It's possible, his powers generally seem to be different from Adam's; I believe that gives him the potential to have a slightly different power set.

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Oops.... Wrong Captain Marvel. Don't mind me, I'll let myself out.....

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@Hyperlight: I think he definitely could be infinitely more powerful than he is at present, because we have to remember that Billy Batson is still just a kid too, so a Billy gets older, his imagination and ability when he turns into Captain Marvel might get better too. The potential, in large part due to his powers being magical in nature, is endless i think. Maybe that's why Black Adam is so powerful now, because he has an adult understanding of what he can actually do.

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As I understand it, Captain Marvel has incredible magical potential, but no training in the magic arts. So while he may be able to part the Red Sea, he doesn't know how. Now if Billy got an internship with Doctor Fate, THEN we'd have a powerhouse capable of making Superman shake in his ruby red slippers. And Marvel occasionally uses lightning as an offensive weapon: When necessary, his last resort tactic is to grab the enemy, put them in a bearhug or otherwise immobilize them so they're facing towards the sky, then yell SHAZAM. Doing so calls down the lightning bolt that changes him back and forth. However, when it collides with someone else instead, it causes a shock of sufficient power to hurt Superman, whose been noted as taking entire city grids without going down. This is a last resort because obviously, should his opponent dodge the move, the Captains back to being Billy. Should he learn to call down the lightning WITHOUT saying his name, I'd imagine he'd be a more powerful Thor.

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BIlly needs an internship with JL dark or something haha

@logy5000: do you think its because of the different power sources? ( i.e Capgets his from greek and Adam gets his from egyptian)

@judasnixon: to be honest i feel like the marvels of the MU have more innate potential then they realize as well. they forget that they are of eternal heritage and not just kree.... so they should have power without the nega bands. they use the nega bands as too much of a crutch