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I just watched th animated movie of Black Adam fighting Superman and Captain Marvel and it brings be to a few questions.Does any one believe that the beings that get there power from shazam are more powerful than they realize? I could understand why CM wouldn't try anything because his physical power is so imposing there rarely is a need for other abilities. Most of his abilities seem to be set in stone but the "power of Zeus" is incredibly ambiguous. You would thing that CM and BA would have great control over lightning or the sky and have other offensive capabilities since there power sources are so magical and vast.

Alan Scott gets his powers from a magical source but he does more than just make magical constructs.... he can pass through solid objects, telepathy, or be a conduit for spells. In the movie BA could project magical energy for different effects whick made a lot of sense and would be expected with someone with his power source and set. What do you guys think?

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If they took Power of Zeus to its literal meaning it'd be difficult to make Captain Marvel look like Superman's peer and not his superior. Though I LOVED how Black Adam was shooting lightning from his hands. It looked like Captain Marvel was going to do it at one point but he was stopped.

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Captain Marvel is definitely Superman's peer in every way and then some. The only reason Superman get's more exposure is because of the history of DC and Fawcett.

Hopefully in the New 52 we see Captain Marvel/Shahzam get his just dues. I just wish they hadn't ruined Billy's character and made him a rogue. He should always be a nice boy.

Marvel is IMO Superman's equal in terms of strength even without taking magic into account. When you add in the ability to hammer Superman with magic lightning and fists covered in lightning, Marvel should win most one on one fights with supes. Regarding speed both are said to be equal too, though we have seen more speed feats from supers ofcourse, because he is featured way more. Superman has cool vision powers that Marvel doesn't, and freeze breath ability.

Hopefully in the New 52 they could highlight more differences and make each character more unique: Superman has his Krypton Science Knowledge, while Shahzam! has the Wisdom of Athena (or whomever) So Superman is more intelligent, while Marvel is wiser. Both have a good heart. Hopefully they also go into depth with Marvel's powers more, and make them deeper. Apart from Zeus bolts, which now in new 52 AFAIK Shahzam can use to target individuals at a distance, instead of having to dodge them to make them his someone else, I feel he should also be ableo to summon the full power of each diety for a brief period of time (say one mega fight). So in a tough fight he summons the battleskill of Achilles to outmaneuver his enemy, or the superspeed of Athena to move at near lightspeed while punching and kicking, etc etc.

Then, in the gravest of circumstances he should be able to summon the full powers of the entire pantatheon, making him for a time the most powerful mortal in the entire DC setting, stronger than Superman/Superboy Prime/Doomsday/Darkseid. This should be a very draining power though, and it should be subject to approval from the Wizard and the Pantethon itself.

Lastly, with Superman and Wonder Woman getting together now officially, and with Diana now being the daughter of zeus and Marvel using zeus's powers too directly, they should have Diana and Shahzam! meet up in someway and become affiliated.