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So the more recent Happy Hour turned me on to this video...

Two plus minutes of pure adrenaline, laughs, and cries..

I had a short conversation with the G-Man himself on Twitter and said (something to the effect of) if people request things, they may be done.

So I ask you, comicvine people, if they made more of these, you would watch.. right?

For me personally, the personalities of the ComicVine (and whiskey media as a whole) staff are my favorite part of the site, so them doing stuff like this is absolutely awesome.. and I would surely never miss one of these videos.

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I think it would be a good way to get the staff more involved with the community. Yup.

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I miss the customed bafoonery :)  But I suspect that they're trying to look like profeshenals ;)

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I would watch them.