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With all the recent cancellations (DC in particular), which one book on your pull list was cancelled that you could never forgive for being so?

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Deathstroke. I was just beginning to enjoy it.

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Fortunately none of the cancelled books were on my pull. But I was thinking about picking up Deathstroke before I heard it got cancelled.

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fk u liefeld see what you've done

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Everything that had connection with Liefeld must be purged. But the can start Deathstroke anew i suppose.

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@SmoothJammin said:

fk u liefeld see what you've done

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How about from years gone by also?

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Savage Hawkman and Deathstroke.

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Not just cancelled, but Blue Beetle. I don't know what it is, but I really like the bug-suit & can't get enough of it. He's going to be in Threshold (but who knows how much/often), but I'd love it if he could make a team book (Teen Titans anyone??) - because I don't feel strongly either way about his own story-line (the reach, etc), I just like seeing all the tricks/gadgets the scarab has up it's sleeve.

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@Agent_Prince: I was JUST starting to enjoy Deathstroke again, and BOOM gone.  
-Team 7 
And most importantly, I Vampire!!! It has been on my top ten list since it came out...
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I, Vampire. I'll really miss that book... and Deathstroke too. I really wanted to like Ravagers because I love the cast, but I just couldn't get into it, and Team 7 wasn't really my cup of tea. I thought about giving Sword of Sorcery a try, but never did.

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Team 7 is unforgivable. It's only had like 5 issues.