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Why are majority of Marvel movies better than DC?

Here is a list of movies that Marvel made that were better than DC in my opinion.

Marvel: The Good: Amazing Spider-man and Spider-man 1, 2.Howard the Duck, X-men Trilogy, X-Men First Class, Blade: Trinity,The Punisher, Fantastic 4 (Both Movies), Ghost Rider, Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man Movies,Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers.

Marvel: The Not So Good: X-Men Origins Wolverine (Disappointing), Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,Spider-Man 3, and Hulk.

DC: The Good: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever (passable), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises (Not out yet, but it's going to be good), Watchmen (Passable). 7?

DC: The Not so Good: Batman and Robin (too much to say), Jonah X, Catwoman, and Green lantern.

However, Dc does have some good animated movies. Not so much Marvel. Still overall in blockbuster films Marvel is winning why is that?

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you didn't see the Superman movies? also, some of your "opinions" on movies are totally not the same as mine, so maybe that's why Marvel in your opinion is so much better in the movie act

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Marvel tends to have quantity over quality IMO, even though I like some. DC has fewer titles but i think they have better overall quality (With the exception of "Batman and Robin" and "Batman Returns"). Also, I don't believe Catwoman was a DC title, was it? If it was, then that one was poopy too. All I know for sure is that the Nolan Batman films stomp anything ever made by Marvel. Avengers came close, but didn't beat The Nolan Trilogy.

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Nolan's Batman movies>>>All Marvel movies. Quality over Quantity, I'd rather have a trilogy of great movies than a bunch of average ones.

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@Oblivious: You have bad taste in movies if you think Batman forever, Blade Trinity, either Fantastic Four movie, any Ghost Rider, Dare Devil, any Punisher or Iron Man 2 were good.

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DC has always been better on the animated front. Marvel is better doing their live-action stuff.

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And by they way, both FF movies were the most horrible garbage i've ever seen. Marvel will never live them down in my opinion. Honestly, I am ashamed to say I would rather watch Batman and Robin over the FF movies.

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When Marvel is good, It's REALLY Good.

When it's bad, it's REALLY bad

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People can argue quantity over quality... but Marvel movies has been quantity with quality, with their worst movie's still being watchable and enjoyable ( Except for DD and F4).

DC's spectrum may have a higher watermark (I don't agree that Nolan's Batman's movies are the best at anything), but they also have a low mark that delves into unwatchable sewage water (And I am a Batman and Robin defended, lol)

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@ImTheDamnBatman: Good point.

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Marvel's characters are more movie friendly than DC's and for the most part, they are more interesting. Would you rather watch a space cop with a fancy ring, or a dude in futuristic armor? Let's say without preexisting knowledge of comics and characters, if you were to watch trailers of each movie: Avengers, or Batman TDKR. Which would you be more inclined to watch if both opened at the same time. MARVEL knows what people want to watch, and their characters are better suited than DC's to entertain people. That's why their movies are better.

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The real reason, is because Marvel is ACTUALLY doing some of them. The ones from Marvel that sucked weren't made by them, they were made by Sony or Fox. DC doesn't make their own movies, it's WB, to which they belong, that does it. If the actual company was in charge, they be good