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From my understanding, even if Iceman's physical form was completely destroyed, leaving him just as a soul, he can still regenerate another physical form.

Has he ever been knocked out? Can he even be knocked out?

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Couldn't Scarlet Witch erase him out of existence? I don't think Iceman has any protection against mystical powers.

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@Redberry: Yes, and probably Ghostrider too, considering his fire can burn the soul.

But I'm asking can he be knocked out from force alone.

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Yes he can. Iceman feels physical pain as well when he is hurt. And yes of course he can be killed by physical force.

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fairly easily actually. If the Hulk were to hit him/ smash his form/ knock him uncnscious, he would not mold together again until he wakes up

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@joshuagamer: he beat Red Hulk in AvX

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If he's overwhelmed I assume he'd need time to pull himself back together, effectively being knocked out, but that would take a lot. Plus, now that he can create duplicates of himself, there's the question of knocking them all out.