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I'm curious to see what you guys think of the title. I have only read the third issue and it seemed ok. Just wanted to know if it is worth picking up the rest of the series.

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I read the first four issues and then i stopped. my pull list was getting to be a bit over sized and it was the first i chose to get rid of. i mean, it is not exactly bad, but there are way better things to read. maybe it'll get better though. if i were you i would read some reviews of newer issues and wait to see if it gets bigger or sputters out entirely.

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I think it's really good. It's one of my favorite X-Men books right now.

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Uncanny X-Men is where it's at. :-)

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I'm liking it. Took a second to come together but it's pretty good

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It's ok.

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I dropped it because for five issues it hadn't developed almost at all.Or just the development that was happening was not interesting to me at all.

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I think it's dreadfully boring, the most boring X Title out actually.

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Just in case you're interested, the sales figures for the book through March:

  1. 90,334

  2. 57,719

  3. 51,761

  4. 46,104

  5. 44,680

  6. 42,896

So... it hasn't exactly enjoyed enormous popularity, but it's also not doing badly. This suggests that it's an acceptable (one might say mediocre) book.

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I like it. It grew on me and I added it to my pull.

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I think it kinda sucks.

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I'm a big original x-force and cable fan so I'm biased. Even still it could use a bit more go, maybe some real bad guys.