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Just wondering what peoples thoughts on the recent Cable and X-force issues and what peoples expectations for the new Psyclocke led Uncanny X-force title.

My Thoughts:

- Cable and the xforce has for the most part been average for a start. but will eventually have a deeper story, but i also fear that this title will suck too much on what's happeneing in both the X-men/avengers universe. What i mean by that is it will feed too much on crossover events especially with Uncanny Avengers and will not be able to stand alone...that brings me to Uncanny Xforce

_Uncanny X-force will be a title able to stand alone, I havent read too much of Humphries stuff, but i am familiar with Garneys art, which is great.

i will buy the first issue and come back with a better led judgement for this title but Remender already set up soo much potential for this title and i only hope that humprhies knows what to do with the potential left foe this title. and the art is already great from previews.

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I like the roster, the stories need to pick up.