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1. Why is cables right eye gone when it was was left eye that had the techno organic virus ?. 2. Cables no longer got the techno organic virus so does that mean he can fully use use his omega level powers to their full potential because he no longer has to keep the virus under control ? . 3 . Was Colossus's powers affect in a bad way similar to the other members of the phonix five ? . 4 . Can cable use his arm with out the bionic arm ?

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1. When Hope removed the virus it kind of screwed with Cable. The only explanation we really got was that his right is gone because Hope's cure "gummed" him up.

2. No. He is not back at full power. I'm not sure if he has telepathy actually. I can't recall any direct mention of it and I know he has communicated with his team and people, but that could just be because of communicators. He does have some strong telekinesis, though, since Colossus almost killed him with a punch but he blocked it.

3. Yes. He can't control his powers very well and must wear a device to maintain his normal form or armored form. He's caught in between due to the PF. He's constantly partially armored and part flesh.

4. Kind of. It atrophied really bad because his body didn't know what to do with it since he had to use his TK to control it under the virus. Nemesis said it flails about but we've seen Cable move it a few times when he has had his gauntlet off.

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@god_spawn thanks dude also Is cable and the x-force worth the money ? I got issue 1 in that 700 free comic give away and it was pretty awesome and I was going to get the trade when it come out .

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@z3ro180: It depends on your taste. It's been a slow burn kind of book, but I think it is more of a character developing book rather than a fast paced story. Hopeless kind of puts the story on the back burner and puts how his characters are doing and feeling and their interactions first. I personally do like it. It's been picking up since the first few issues had to get some questions out of the way first post AvX.

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@god_spawn I think I'll start reading cable and the x-force cause the arts awesome and I actually liked AvX so it will be cool to see the fallout from that cause its only really the X-men related books that were affected by that event.