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Am I the only person that thinks its strange that this father and son are both wanted fugitives?

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lol that's a good point!

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@karrob: @SoA: Dont forget about Corsair and his Starjammers, they are wanted intergallactic fugitives. lol

The Summers' have a long line of misunderstandings. :P

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@nerdork: I almost forgot. As well as Havok when he was fighting Vulcan. Vulcan who was also a megalomaniac...Smh...I hope that they have real plans for these characters because at this point I am not impressed. lol

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@karrob: Right? Its like...hey, I've got an idea, lets make a family of criminals...only, their not criminals, but everyone will think they are. And lets give the most boringly mundane of them all the most page time, and put him in the x-men. And the coolest one is from the future, and is the son of the boring one, and the boring one wont even know he has a son....oh and whenever the boring one meets his cool future son, the cool son is 20 years older than his boring father no matter when they meet. And to throw everybody off, this cool future son will go by the name Cable for years and years and years, until one when day we start calling him Nathan. But, the boring one has a brother too, a cooler brother, but lets not play with him too much, this boring one is our big money ticket. What, you want me to give the boring one a father? Okay, he's a space pirate.

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@nerdork: LMAO! Exactly!

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@nerdork: @karrob: then you have to factor in marrying into the summers' family , jean(dark phoenix) and madeline pryor(goblyn queen), other children not directly related but still have ties to family , stryfe and hope (the whole AvX event was based on hunting her )and cyclops was dating emma frost also wanted and former villain lol

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@SoA: LOL, a very tangled web. Who would have thought that the overall story of the Summers' Clan would play out like something from All My Children.

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@nerdork: right? i was also reminded that rachel summers was also a hound in her time