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Hey everyone, My names Vince And I was wondering if you guys would know if I could order comic through the mail or something? My nearest comic shop that is descent is about 45 minets to an hour drive away. I was reading Amazing Spider-Man, Batman (I have no clue which one only because DC has so many universes and world and stuff), and Deadpool, but had to stop only because I can't ever go to the comic shop and the only deal the shop I go to has is they only hold the book for the day. But, anyway if anyone knows if I could do something to get me back on track with my reading with stuff like mail order or whatever I'd highly appreciate it!

Thanks Guys!

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There's a better one. Can't remember it's name for the life of me right now though.

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Subscriptions, directly from DC & Marvel:



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forbiddenplanet.com? I personally get mine delivered from both there, and my "local"; Page45.

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Personally I dislike digital comics, and prefer to own/collect physical copies.

Getting copies via mail can be a mixed bag as to the quality.

Quality that my local comic book shop (which I am lucky to live near) provides to me via a pull list.

I couldn't imagine getting mine any other way, half my fun of comic day (wednesdays/thursdays) is going into my shop and discussing topics with patrons/employees

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has never failed me, and if you live in the US (which I don't) you get free shipping for big orders ($50+) I believe