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Hey, what's up guys it's "Busy Comic Day" presented by myself, which would probably be on Wednesdays, not every Wednesdays, jus the ones that are affordable [ joke..., kinda ], to show you what I've picked up at my local comic shop that specific day. I've been lagging hard on the current day issues, as I've been quite busy with other things, some revolving around the world of comics. However, I went to the store today spending hours (and bills) trying to search for the issues I really needed (wanted) and ended up walking out with a stack of comics. Here are some picture of what I came out with, including photos of what MidtownComics sent me in the mail today, as well. But anyway, I'm gonna cut this blog short and end it here, so I can have time catching up to do with these issues and books I just bought by the end of tonight. Post what you got today down below!

  • Aquaman: The Trench Vol. 1
  • Justice League: Origins Vol. 1
  • Aquaman #0, #11-14
  • Green Lantern #0, #12-14
  • Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns Vol. 8
  • Green Lantern #67 - Conclusion of War of the Green Lanterns
  • Green Lanterns: New Guardians #0, #9-14
  • Avengers #1
  • Deadpool #3

Here's some of the things I got from Midtown Comics.

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Midtown Comics Packaging
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I won't be going to my comic book store until Sunday, but these are the comic books I will be picking up. Earth 2 #7 Green Arrow #15 Flash #14 Savage Hawkman #14 Stormwatch #15 I also am thinking of maybe getting one or more of the following Flash # 3&4 Maybe grabbing more Stormwatch as right now I only have issues # 1,13,&14. And I would like to pick up Captain Atom and try Demon Knights.