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Hello. My small press, SD Publishing, is launching a project to bring back Golden Age horror from all titles, all publishers, and recompilig the stories into new volumes. If any of you have a love of the the GA horror stuff like we do, you might want to check out the kickstarter for more info.Below is the link and a rundown of the details. Thank you for your time. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306002992/golden-age-horror-returns-from-the-grave "Golden Age horror comics. Has there been anything better in the comics world since? A time before the Comics Authority Code and the mainstreaming of the entire medium, but sadly it is long gone. And we don't just mean that time is gone; the comics, the companies, all of it. Who will preserve this by-gone era? SD Publishing-that's who. Luckily, there is still time to keep your favorite monsters, creeps, and creatures alive. As the publishers, such as Prize, Quality, and Fawcett went out of business their copyrights expired so many of those old titles are now public domain. This means they are fair game for anyone who wants to publish them. However, the current major publishers aren't interested in printing anything that they can't make a billiion dollar movie out of. That leaves the task up to us-the real fans and coniesseurs of comics history. As such, SD Publishing (the team that brings you the serial killer crime drama Risher) is launching it's "SD Classics Presents" line. Hold on! This isn't your average reprinting effort. in addition to sharpening the original pages as much as possible to make them "pop", we will be handpicking stories across all publishers and titles and repackaging them in a way the originals could never do. Our first offering of SD Classics Presents is a perfect example of what we are doing-the Creature Triple Feature. This blast from the past is 3 horrifying tales of beings not quite human...Vampires! Werewolves! and Frankenstein's Monster! Vincent Price himself will be shivering in his grave! First up, we have "The Rebirth of the Monster" from Prize's Frankenstein #18 (1952). Next, we present "The Vampire Terror", from Superior's Mysteries Weird and Strange #8 (1954) And we will close the issue with "The Werewolf of Washington Square", from St. John's Publications' Nightmare #3 (1953)"