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Who do you prefer?

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Ooh, that's a tough one...but I think JH edges out BKV just a little bit. I love the Manhattan Projects even more than Saga.

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Hickman IMO

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BKV for sure. Y the Last Man is my favorite stand alone series of all time so I gotta go with him. I cherish his Runaways stories, I own the hardcover "Hood" story he wrote and Ex Machina was also a brilliant story. Mitchell Hundred was such an interesting protagonist and one of the all time great political comic characters ever. On top of that Saga is fantastic. For me Y The Last Man seals it but Im pretty much a fan of all his work even the incredibly sad Pride of Baghdad. . I love BKV.

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BKV for me. From BKV i've read the first volume of Y: The Last Man and all of Saga so far. From Hickman i've read the first about 7 issues of FF. So i might not be the best guy to ask but BKV wins easily.

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Jonathan Hickman

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