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Honestly (and perhaps sadly), I became a fan after ruling the local arcade with him in the Marvel Super Heroes game. Before that, he was just Mephisto's son to me. Nothing more, nothing less. But that's for another time. The reason why I made this thread is for fans of his like jloneblackheart who have got to be beside themselves merely thinking about how badly writers have tortured him through the years (and, obviously, very recently as well). The thing that bothers me the most, aside from obvious potential that hasn't come close to being fulfilled, is the fact that he's placed in a lose-lose scenario in literally every appearance nowadays. You can't have him stomp a physically overmatched opponent for the duration of an issue (which, on paper, should happen in most of the times he's featured), which is self-explanitary, so he's turned into a chump by writers instead just so a cash cow or mainstream character can pull off the seemingly unthinkable (although the frequent use of PIS makes it ever-so predictable). I mean, there's got to be a solution where he at least has the opportunity to prove himself the force to be reckoned with that he should be. Or, hell, loses in a certain fashion that's understandable. In other words, please stop having freaking Daredevil and other street-levelers show roughly the same respect for him as an opponent that they would show Melvin Potter. It's pretty damn lame to have him bowing down to his father in a Venom comic with the look of a five-year old who just lost a game of freeze tag.

Just my two cents.