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Ok, recently i've been going through some threads involving Black Panther and it appears he is pretty much invincible to all the street level heroes in marvel and DC, which sounds wrong to me.

I'll admit, i don't read anything that involves the Black Panther, but i just want to know:

1.Is he really ALL THAT with his vibranium suit or 2. is it just fanboy hype?

I do not mean to offend any die-hard BP fans, but it ills me to hear how BP can easily take on Batman with the vibranium suit or how his armour allows him to withstand against punches from Hulk.

Hopefully this forum will help me to better understand BP char overall b/c right now, i'm feeling no love for him (can't help but think Batman rip-off+ indestructible armour)

Help me clear the fog of hate, i'm counting on you guys...

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I'm with you on this one bro. I guess we need to be reading more Black Panther stories.

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I think a lot of people are giving Black Panther so much loving because he doesn't get too much spotlight.

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anti metal claws are BAD ASS

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Maybe i feel this way due to my ignorance of BP's feats and accomplishments, but he seems to have an upper hand against every street level hero he's face on the battle forums...

@spinningbirdcake: i was thinking that too.