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If you were a comic book billionaire what lifestyle would you choose or most likely wanna have?

1. Bruce Wayne

2. Tony Stark

3. Oliver Queen

4. T'Challa

5. Others not mentioned(give names and reason if you want)

Butt kicking put aside.

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Arent the first three kinda the same, all big company's that make fancy things? Either way I would just be happy having a billion dollars.

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Black Bolt

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Chas Worthington from Great Pacific, but also because I'm currently obsessed with it. My answer would probably change daily.

He is a total badass, however, who decides to build his own country for the good of humanity. So yeah, him for now.

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@tacos_kickass: lol..kinda, but they have their difference's example Tony his a drunk and a womanizer..If your a billionaire genius would your lifestyle be the same as him or would you make like Bruce(charity foundations and stuff)..=)

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I would rather just win the lottery.