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Poll: Bigger Disney brand: Marvel or Star Wars? (12 votes)

Marvel 33%
Star Wars 67%

Disney brought both for around $4 billion, I think in terms of movies the MCU will make more money than the new Star Wars movies. I can see Avengers 2 making more than Episode VII. But in terms of money made from merchandise Star Wars has Marvel beat and only the merchandise from Spider-Man comes close. They're about equal in terms of fame and iconic characters, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men vs Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Vader, R2D2, C3PO, Jabba the Hut etc.

Which brand do you guys think is bigger?

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Star Wars. Accounting for inflation, Star Wars movies have made a lot more money. There are 4 Star Wars movies in the top 20; not a single Marvel movie is in the top 20 if you account for inflation.

Without accounting for inflation, there's 2 Star Wars movies that are still in the domestic top 10, while Marvel just has the Avengers.

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Whichever milks the cash cow more.

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To be fair the Star Wars Movie from 70's thru 80's has been re released in theater numerous times.

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Star Wars, there also better movies

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Marvel will be the better investment in the short and long term.

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Marvel. Simply because there are more characters to profit from.

Will each new Star Wars movie make more than MOST Marvel movies on an induvidual basis? Probably. But I bet when the dust settles, Marvel makes more money overall.

Will Star Wars sell more merchandise than any single Marvel character? Probably. But not as a whole.

Same with tv shows, comics, anything really. Marvel has an infinite character pool at their disposal.

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The bigger brand right now is Star Wars, but down the line as long as Disney and Marvel don't screw up the movies it will be Marvel. Star Wars's legs are getting old and there is already a ton of heat on them for bringing in JJ Abrams. People will go see it because its a Star Wars movie, but I think he's gonna have to knock it out of the park to rebuild what Lucas lost with the prequels.

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Star Wars.