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In honor of it being black history month, I decided to start this thread. Yes, I could have started this thread at any other time, but now is a great time to get started, seeing as a lot of us will be indoors for the near future because of the frigid weather.

So tell me: What black writers/artists/poets/directors would you recommend for me? Creators of any medium that I should keep an eye out for, and keep my mind occupied with.

I'll start. Right now, I just started reading N.K. Jemison's Inheritance Trilogy. Just started book one, and I think it's awesome. I like her storytelling methods. The first book is called The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and it is a fantasy novel in which our protagonist learns that she is heir to the most powerful throne in the world, and is thrust into a power struggle with other prospective heirs for the sole right to the throne. It is an awesome book, and I've been following Jemison on her website, and I think she is a nice lady. I recommend the book to fantasy lovers.

So that's my suggestion. I can't wait to read some of yours!

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Marc Bernardin

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Cool. I've heard about him. And if I believe correctly, he was brought to write the last issue or two of either Static, before it was again canceled back in early 2012.

Sad day we live in.

Also, I was about to type "we need more black writers among the big two" but then I corrected myself, seeing as there exists no such writer currently, and now change that to "we need black writers among the big two right now."

Thanks for your suggestion, I will look for his work.

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