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Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! Beware the Batman hasn't been a bad show by any means, but the previous episodes never really wowed me. 'Safe' totally changes that and I absolutely loved it. Sure, I do have my gripes, but overall this was a stellar episode and a total blast.

In this episode, one of Wayne's employees, Jason Burr (this series loves to name drop, doesn't it?) creates something called the Ion Cortex. Long story short: it'll solve the planet's energy crisis. Unfortunately for Burr, the League of Assassins really wants to get their hands on this invention and it's up to Batman and Katana to make sure he's safe. When standard ninjas fail her, Lady Shiva (AWWW YEAH!) sends in the very awesome character named Silver Monkey (do yourself a favor and read his comic appearances).

This episode doesn't really dive into why the evil group wants the device, but who cares because NINJAS. Seriously, if there wasn't sharp dialogue or some kind of amusing banter between Burr and Katana (I love her long pauses), there was a slew of ninjas making matters extremely amusing. From standard fists and melee weapons to vehicular warfare, this episode was super fun and delivered the perfect dose of action I was craving on a Saturday morning. Plus, it allowed Batman to give Katana a stern lesson in morals. It's along the lines of what we've heard him say before in plenty of other versions, but it was still an effective scene and concluded with a totally unexpected and hysterical remark. Also, this episode didn't bring Katana any closer to discovering Bruce's secret (or at least I believe it didn't), but it did manage to the kick the door wide open to much bigger storylines revolving around her. That's something I'm definitely excited to see more of.

Like I've said in the past, I'm happy the show is using individuals the general audience likely won't recognize, but it didn't really pay off in the previous episodes. Sure, there's room to see those foes return, but nothing about them really made me want to see them again. That's not the case with this episode and they did an able job establishing the League of Assassins in this animated world. I want to see them return and I most definitely want to see Lady Shiva now that the character has been teased. I was surprised/slightly disappointed the cliffhanger didn't reveal her, but hopefully they have big plans and her visual debut will be well worth the wait.

Batman's very skilled and so far he's had a surprising degree of trouble in hand-to-hand encounters with characters like Professor Pyg, Magpie and Anarky. These villains of course don't have training nearly on par with Bruce, so when he came face-to-face with the skilled Silver Monkey, I was expecting an epic uphill struggle for him and one of the best melees we've yet to see. Instead, we get Batman essentially humiliating the guy who has been hyped up to be an awesome assassin. Needless to say, it was disappointing to me, but at least his brief encounter with Katana was solid (even though he appears to be stronger based on the impact of his strikes and their grapple was even?).

Wayne Manor's defense system is one of those things that's sure to generate a laugh because of how ridiculous it is. Initially seeing it made me break into laughter, but it's one of those things that actually makes sense upon getting over the initial reveal and thinking about it. It's totally over the top, but given his resources and the secrets he has to protect, I'm cool with it. Plus, it generated a funny line when Wayne does indeed break in. But that begs the question: doesn't he have a secret entrance for the Bat-cave? He must since he exits it in the Batmobile, yes? Having the Batmobile leave through the front gate would be a wee bit suspicious, no? I understand not wanting to use it when he had enemies on his tail, but once he got rid of them, couldn't he have utilized that instead of taking the option which only had a 28% chance of success? Maybe the secret entrance was out of the way and he was pressed for time given the circumstances? Then again, one option had glorious explosions and the other didn't, so I can understand the decision for entertainment's sake.

Minor gripes: I thought the bomb needed the detonator to go off, or did kicking it disrupt it? I guess I'll have to assume the latter. Also, Katana's legs going on for forever still catches my eye from time to time, but whatever, I can live with the design. Lastly, I can understand if some people don't like a certain scene with Alfred, but I think it's suitable given the scenario.

While I do have small problems with the handling of Silver Monkey and a few other minor things, these gripes by no means counteract what I loved about this episode. Not only was it filled with great bits of dialogue and did a stellar job expanding the world, it also provided an overdose of legitimately exciting action. This is without question my favorite episode yet and I hope the show continues to get better and better.

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Batman's computer reminds me of J.A.R.V.I.S, only without the sarcasm.

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@the_stegman: at least it doesnt have the sexy female voice all future tech has.

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Saw the first two episodes of this show and it's pretty decent. I don't love Alfred's hands-on personality/background, but I'm hoping his injury cuts that back a bit. Voices are good. Katana's involvement seems... random. But maybe I'll grow to enjoy the character,

Unfortunately it's the best comic book cartoon out right now. I'll keep watching.

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Even in Batman :TAS he had trouble at times when it came to hand to hand like getting hit by those that shouldn't have been able to. It could be just a plot device to lengthen the story somewhat.

I just wish this series was on in Canada now though so I could see for myself. lol

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I like this show, but since so many others have pointed it out, the incredibly empty streets are starting to bother me.

Also, despite the over the top security system, it didn't keep anything out. He apparently does need to upgrade. Fun episode overall though.

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This episode really hit it out of the park! The other ones were ok but this one is the first really GOOD one. I also loved how the show basically riffed on both the plot of The Dark Knight Rises and visual language. Before it than turned into basically a home invasion film.

Best of all the fight scenes actually had weight to them! Yay for good sound desing.

Cheap plug you can read my review of todays ep here

Does anyone else think the soultaker sword dosen't look that useful for taking souls? It's just a big o'll jade sword and not like a katana.

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Wicked review! Glad to see the show picked up with this most recent episode. Hopefully it can replicate what GLTAS did previously.

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It was alright.

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The more I watch of this, the more I like it.

Batman's bird face bothers me though. They didn't have time to draw him a forehead?

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First time I got the chance to watch this show, it was alright, I was surprised to see Katana as Bruce bodyguard and Alfred looks like Steed from the British Avengers.

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This episode was okay.

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This was the first episode of the series that I really enjoyed (although I didn't watch the one with Anarchy in it), and if subsequent episodes can match up to this one, I just might keep watching.

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This show is reminding me of Batman the Animated series, but I don't like Alfred's character at all.

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Isn't Jason Burr Bane's father, or am I thinking of someone else? I know it had something to do with snakes...

Speaking of Bane, it's not like this is the first time Alfred brought out a shotgun to protect Wayne Manor from unwelcome guests.

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Burr was the only thing that I didn't like about this episode, I get he was suppose to be the comedic relief but every time he spoke or tried to make a pass at Katana I cringed. His dialog was poorly written and for being some big scientist who can solve the world's energy problem, he comes off as childish and down-right dumb

Other than that I thought this episode was fantastic.

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Okay more episodes like this please. I can get into this! Hopefully a Robin soon too!

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Ion Cortex looks like the Matrix

#19 Posted by jointron33 (2107 posts) - - Show Bio

Katana is hot

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Unfortunately it's the best comic book cartoon out right now. I'll keep watching.

And this is why things won't improve.

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Great episode, I thought the suspense ramped up nicely. Best episode yet!

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Seems like one long pilot rather then individual episodes maybe in at the season finale it will all come together and make perfect sense.

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Great episode,hated Burr though,now I'm wondering if his brother is Kobra.Disagree with you on Silver Monkey,he was appropriate.

Isn't Jason Burr Bane's father, or am I thinking of someone else? I know it had something to do with snakes...

Speaking of Bane, it's not like this is the first time Alfred brought out a shotgun to protect Wayne Manor from unwelcome guests.

King Snake not Kobra.

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While I'm not that interested in this show, I fervently agree that one can never have too many ninjas!!

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I really hope they don't introduce more characters that are too vague since while they are great it seems to be too difficult to explain who they are in an episode. Overall I thought it was a good episode. and as long as professor pyg never comes back, I'm sure that it will be a great series.

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sooooooooooooo gooooooooood

#27 Posted by LiveForever (338 posts) - - Show Bio

@reignmaker: Not true. A) I said it wasn't a bad show. Just disappointing that "not a bad show" is how I describe the best show going. B) I'm not in a Nielsen home and clearly critical praise has nothing to do with a show getting canceled. Exhibits A & B being Young Justice and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Meanwhile piles of crap like Ultimate Spider-Man continue due to marketing and merchandising.

The sad, strange truth is that me watching it (especially on-demand and not live on TV) has absolutely nothing to do with a show continuing.

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Hey guys, I don't mean to spoil anything but guess what? The bad guy gets away! Seriously the fact that this show is so predictable makes it almost worse than if it was simply boring. I still think the art direction is okay but the more plot threads they add the less interested I become. Also why even bother showing the soul taker if Katana's barely going to use it. What are the odds that it will even taste blood by the time this children's cartoon wraps? I'll continue to begrudgingly watch this series but I feel like I'm being taken for a sucker.

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Is anyone else upset that the soul taker isn't a katana?

#30 Posted by jointron33 (2107 posts) - - Show Bio

@mezmero: Wow it's not like Joker never got away in btas. U need new material: FAST!

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I do have a question.

The soultaker sword is not a katana. It is a traditional Chinese sword. A katana is some kind of a traditional Japanese sword.

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I love the VO, love the fighting (really love the fighting) , and the look reminds me of team fortress (in a good way).

What's up with them streets being barren though >.>

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For me... its not the best... certainly not the worst. A bit so/so. Not a big fan of the 3d animation. Rather see an animation in the style of Young Justice or Avatar...

#34 Posted by bones360uk (26 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a huge fan of how empty and lifeless Gotham seems

#35 Posted by churrific (60 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been enjoying it quite a bit. It's been a very James Bond type Batman for me so far. And then ninjas.

#36 Posted by MuyJingo (2731 posts) - - Show Bio

The only really negative aspect for me was when Burr overreacted to Katana's injury at the end. It wasn't funny and went on for too long.

Otherwise it was an ok episode.

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Batman's computer reminds me of J.A.R.V.I.S, only without the sarcasm.

Interesting I've never seen anything in common..

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I've been really likin the show so far honestly. Silver Monkey was a badass. And I don't get why people don't like Batmans voice. I really think he sounds cool.

#39 Posted by A_wahab_ (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Great episode. The show is picking up the pace and I am glad that this episode turned out to be really entertaining.

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I don't like the inconsistency in hand-to-hand combat in Beware the Batman. He struggles against barely competent fighters like Anarky but then completely obliterates Silver Monkey, one of the top members of the League of Assassins. That is one of the failures this show has shown. I absolutely enjoyed the League of Assassins taking on Batman and Katana. I also like how Silver Monkey didn't mention the sword Katana allegedly stole to Lady Shiva.

#41 Posted by KRYPTON (2421 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman's computer reminds me of J.A.R.V.I.S, only without the sarcasm.

True that. Way more classy as well. LOL

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Best episode of the series so far, loved the Burr and Katana interactions also Batman's motorcycle that can fly is awesome. Also lol'd when Katana said "What about Jason?" and Bruce replies "He's not my type." Great action too.

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i like the show, i like they dont use the already overused villains that everyone knows about (joker, riddler, scare crow, cat woman, clay face, bane, penguin) and batman getting it handed to him and doing more detective work. just like in the 90's :')

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Anybody else think Silver Monkey's security guard disguise kinda looked like Phil Coulson?

#45 Posted by Nightwing4 (384 posts) - - Show Bio

The detective aspect is definitely still there from BTAS. As for Alfred's character, I didn't think I'd like it, but this is basically Year One for Batman so I can live with a spry butler as well.

Amazing to me that Barbra was introduced so early on. I'm glad though. Means the Bat-Family is looking to expand sooner rather than later.

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Great show really :)

#47 Posted by ravisher (711 posts) - - Show Bio

i cant hate on this show

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Batman does need a new security system if he only has a 28% chance of making it through after it it initiated. I'd think the owner would have a back-door way to get in.

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i loved the episode. my ONLY complaint is the League of Assassians. Maybe its because they were featured in Batman Begins (League of Shadows. same thing) and I'm reading Batman Inc right now, so they're in that...but i REALLY wish they would of gone with the Court of Owls instead-since this show is about freshening up the Bat-universe.