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Penguin carries an umbrella which over the years has shown to contain different types of goodies.In a straight up fight he'd own Kingpin.But again that's not exactly a fair way of judging either character.

Wait, WHAT?!?! Penguin is no match for the Kingpin.

In a fist fight? absolutely but thats where the handy umbrella comes in.

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hmm. tough. bats?

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I'd have to say Spider-Man villains since I grew up loving Spidey. But I won't deny Batman's villains are quite interesting as well.

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Ask anyone off the street how many Batman villains they can name, and how many Spider-Man villains they can name. I'm sure that almost all would have more answers for Batman's rogues. While this doesn't necessarily mean that Batman's rogues are "better", so to speak, it does say that they are marketed better and are more popular due to Batman's popularity - which does have an element of being better.

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Doesn't anyone agree that black mask is like a mixture of JJ kingpin and redskull