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I wanted to get an idea of what kind of comics that zombie fans like? I myself just picked up the Dawn of the dead issues and loved them. Of course i'm expecting The Walking Dead to be one of the favorites in this thread, but what else do you like? Anything I should keep an eye out for?

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I think the obvious answer is Walking Dead...but I haven't read it.

What I've read of Deadworld, so far, has been good though, it might be worth checking out.

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Deadworld. I might look into that! Thanks for the suggestion!

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It's got to be the Walking Dead!

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The Walking Dead is simply amazing. Definitely pick up the first Compendium if you haven't started reading yet (it collects the first 48 issues).

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Blackest Night. :P

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Marvel zombies is the only zombie comic I've ever read.

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Blackest Night is pretty good.

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Why'd you even ask this question when the best universally known zombie comic book is Walking Dead. Well there you go. Like other people said you might want to check out Deadworld, Marvel Zombies, and Geoff Johns' Blackest Night.

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Highschool of the- HAHAHAHAHA I can't even say it. Walking Dead.

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Ive only tried walking dead and it was really great, atleast the first 12 issues.. I had to shelf it due to lack of time.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Marvel Zombies. That's really good. I've only read the first volume and the Army of Darkness crossover, though.

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Walking Dead or Maybe Marvel Zombies I love them both

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I might have to look into Marvel Zombies. I had no clue there was such a fan base for it! Any suggestions on where to start it?

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I also like the IDW comics that feature George A. Romero. Anyone else reading it? Or have read it?

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Only one I've been keeping up with is Walking Dead, which I can definitely recommend. The parody of it (Mocking Dead) just started and was pretty good, too. I'd recommend checking that out if you're into the humor aspect, and also picking up the first trade of TWD.

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I might look into pickup up the first trade of TWD. I just wished I would have been able to snag the issues from #1 to now!

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Just to offer another comic you may be interested in you can check out the series '68. Zombies in Vietnam.

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Thanks @irishx. I'll look into it. I just checked out their site. I might snag a few copies of it, today!