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Hello all! I've been looking around trying to find an answer to my question on the best way to get into the new 52, without missing any cross-overs or special arcs, but i cant find a direct answer. Came here looking for help.

Basically, all i want to know is if i should go by weekly release according to DC comics website (for example week one started 8/31/2011, week two was on 9/7/2011, etc.) or just pick up a series and read straight through? i really don't want to miss any crossover events or arcs.

Thanks for all your help.

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@gorango27: I'd recommend reading Earth 2. It's more of an actual reboot than most of the other books, which just seem like lazy soft reboots, and it doesn't really crossover with other books either so you can just read straight on through the series.

The only bad part about it is it's pretty much disconnected from all the other books and characters.

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I just read right through a run.

Off the top of my head the only ones that cross over are

Swamp Thing and Animal Man (Rotworld)

Aquaman and Justice League (Throne of Atlantis)

JL, JLA, JL:D (Trinity War)

Superman, Supergirl, Superboy (H'el on Earth)

I wana say there is a GL crossover too, but I'm not reading any of those books atm.

Batfamily had Death of a Family, but I didn't read any of the other books cept Batman and Detective and I didn't feel like I missed anything.

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Just pick up and read.there are a couple crossover like mentioned above (yes GL crosses over ALOT,also justice Leauge Dark and I, Vampire crossed over aswell) but it well tell you when sometime is crossing over and you can go through and catch up

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Thats going to be a bit tricky since one of the main things behind the New 52 was to 're-weave' everything into a big coherent whole with the addition of the Wildstorm books.
Which means most of the New 52 series have crossed over with one another already, some more than others.

The Batman books: There is a rather sad tendency within the bat-books in that whatever Scott Snyder is doing in the main Batman book, has to spawn somekind of event that all the other bat-related books have to play into.

The Green Lanterns: It wouldnt be unfair to say you dont have 5 different books, since up till recently, 4 of them were constantly crossing into each other. Red Lanterns stayed mostly free of this in the beginning but now its Larflezee thats being independent.

Superman: Not as bad as the first two but still quite often, and it seems to be getting worse since Lobdell took over the main book.

The Edge: Didn't do crossovers that much, but most of these books have been cancelled.

The Dark: Animal Man/Swamp Thing was for nearly a year and half telling the same story from different perspectives. The current Trinity of Sin books, JLD and Constantine are constantly crossing over now thanks to Forever Evil/Trinity War.

Young Justice: all but destroyed with only TT left... and that was effectively crippled by the Culling-event that everyone seems to hate (with good reason).

There are some runs who are suspiciously AWOL from all of this:

Wonder Woman: considering she is still a member of DC's Trinity, you will be surprised to know that the book hasn't crossed over once, featured any other superhero save Orion, or ever mentioned the ongoings in other books.

Batwoman: Untill very recently, Batwoman was the most independent of all the bat-books, dodging both the Court of Owls and Death of the Family. It had one story where Wonder Woman served as backup, but that was it. Unfortunately the independence has come to an end when editorial appeared to scare off the old creative team with demands of them playing with the other books during Zero Year and other things like last minute changes that would disrupt and destroy months of work and planning.

Demon Knights: Since it took place in the dark ages, there wasn't much crossing over to do... sadly it's gone now :(

Dial H: The weirdest book from the New 52 featuring a fat man and an old woman gaining random superpowers by dialing h e r o, it had an appearance by Flash but that was about it... also gone.

Anyways to get into the New 52 you should just pick a series and start reading, if you can find issue 1's thats going to be the best place to start, but a lot of books have now been around so long that there are good jumping on points in the series life.

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I started with h'el on earth. Absolutely astonishing book. Plus you get to see supers get rocked by h'el. Batman is really good too, pretty much a given though right

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Ok. Thank you for your help. I'll look into the books I'm interested in the most. My friend has the majority of them so I'll be able to read them from him.

Another question: How will I know if a story line crosses over?

Again, thanks for the help!

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