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I always thought these characters had a cool power and or know nothing about them but found them interesting. Can someone please direct me to their best story arc(s)?

War Machine
Ant Man
Mr Sinister
Super Skrull

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@jmg: The absolute best involving her is Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender (not the current one by Sam Humphries - that one is really bad). Her four-issue solo book by Chris Yost is also good - the TPB for that also includes the "Lady Mandarin" story arc.

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Okay thanks man!

Kind of bummed to hear only two tho tbh

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@jmg: Those aren't the only two, trust me. They were just the first two I could think of.

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I'm going to check them out definitely. Thanks again.

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@jmg: Remender's Uncanny X-Force run is being released as an omnibus early next year. Definitely the cheapest way to read the whole story if you can wait.

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@captainhoopla alright cool. I've updated the list because I remembered some more characters I know nothing about lol

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Psylocke by Yost and Tolibao.

Ant Man

Depends which one, but Irredeemable Ant-man with Eric O Grady was great.

Mr Sinister

X-Men: Inferno


Annihilation Wave (its a big event but at the least the main event and his tie in issues) and Nova also had a series that continued on from this event and it was good.

Super Skrull

Annihilation: Superskrull (but if interested in Nova, might as well get the entire event for both)

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@sc You rock! I was not expecting such a detailed response with pictures and everything lol. Thank you for taking the time out to help me.

With that being said I'm really starting to love this site lol

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For nova it's Annihilation vol 4 bet nova series ever.

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@jmg: No problems, glad to help out. Welcome to CV and I hope you are enjoying it! ^_^.

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@jmg: I agree with the posts above me about Annihilation for both Nova and Super Skrull. Annihilation is one of my favorite stories of all time. It is six issues and has a bunch of prequels that lead into it that show how a bunch of the major players got involved. Nova and Super Skrull both have 4 issue prequels for the event. Both are good reads.

Nova has a 36 issue series that spins out of Annihilation that is pretty good. It culminates with the Thanos Imperative that also wraps up the Guardians of the Galaxy series and is a very good story as well.

Uncanny X-Force by Remender is really the only book that I read Psylocke but it was very good.

I'm trying to think of good stories for Ant Man. There have been several Ant Men. Do you want stories for Hank Pym who originated the character or for the title itself because Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady also wore the costume.

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Annihilation also has an omnibus coming in January I think. I might have to pick that one up myself.

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@cap10nate Either would be fine. I just want to read the best ones. If the new Ant man is better then I'll read that one.

@scyeah this site is really helpful.

Nobody showing love to War Machine? It's a shame cuz hes such a bad ass looking character.

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@jmg: Heh heh sorry about War Machine. Unlike the other characters I have not read all his history, especially what some might consider his most important stories in Iron Man. I did enjoy his last series written by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco however and thats 12 issues so should be easy to get either in singles or TPB. Its a modern tale as well from around 2008. I do not know if its his best, but it was enjoyable to me.

Also I should mention that the first volume of Secret Avengers had both War Machine and Nova in it, but I wouldn't recommend it too highly, because despite being interesting, Nova and War Machine weren't really featured too much unfortunately. If you like Captain America, Black Widow, Beast, Valkyrie, Shang Chi, Nick Fury then maybe their collective presence might interest you however.

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@sc Wow all those covers for War Machine look amazing. Definitely going to have to check that out. I thin I might read the first couple issues of Secret Avengers, never got into Captain America but maybe this could be a good start.

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@jmg: Nova is one of my all-time favorites. However, a lot of people have a hard time reading through the bad artwork of older comics. So if you're going for newer comics with Nova, Annihilators and Annihators: Earthfall are a great place to start. You may be a bit in the dark at first, but you'll get the grasp of it pretty quickly. Annihilation would be the next series for him after that.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay I've already started reading Annihilation. Is Annihilators a must read before it?

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@jmg: read Thanos Imperative