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For me i believe the best comics of all time is happening now not saying that old comics are bad bcuz those are great thats what got me into comics classic xmen. But right now there are absolutely brilliant comics happening so i want you to tell me your top5 they dont need to be in order cuz thatd be REALLY HARD. so heres mine

  1. Daredevil, mark waids run is comparible to Frank Miller & Brian Bendis YES ITS THAT GOOD
  2. Ultimate Spiderman, Miles is an unbelievable character
  3. Hawkeye, already an all time great
  4. Batman, its like Scott Snyder was born to write great Batman stories
  5. TIE, XO Manowar & Batwoman, XO is a great revival of an old series thats amazing, and Batwoman has absolutely amazing art & storie by JH Williams even though in later issues he only does the covers it is still unbelievably awsome

Your thoughts

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Walking Dead, Batman and Hawkguy.

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  • Scarlet Spider
  • Constantine
  • Harbinger
  • Bloodshot
  • And basically every Valiant title going at the moment.

Those are the only ones that are any good at the moment imo.

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  1. Batman
  2. Hawkeye
  3. X-O Manowar
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Scarlet Spider, TMNT, Thor: God of Thunder, Uncanny Avengers, Indestructible Hulk, Daredevil, New Avengers, Aquaman, and Hawkeye.

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  1. Hawkeye.
  2. Batman and Robin/Batman Inc.
  3. The Flash/Detective Comics.
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Out of the titles im reading:

1. Batman

2. Justice League

3. Thor god of thunder

4. Superman unchained

5. Action Comics

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1. Daredevil

2. Hawkguy

3. Batman

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Vattu is #1 for me.

Seriously, I'm loving it.

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1. batman



4.the wake


this is in no order at all!

*notable mentions* All new x-men, thor: god of thunder!

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thor god of thunders good an TMNT IS AMAZING!!!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman are my top picks.

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I like Wonder Woman, Injustice, and Superman/Batman... I guess.

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the latest green arrow & nightwing arcs are amazing too

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1. Justice League

2. Indestructible Hulk

3. Thor God of Thunder

4. Superman Unchained

5. Avengers

6. Action Comics & Superman

these are the only book's I read so I just put them in the order of how much I like them

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Wonder Woman

Green Arrow



Manhattan Projects

The Massive

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@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: im sorry man but you gotta read some other books man dont read superman & action comics their both bad try daredevil or hawkeye for marvel their both outstanding an for DC try batman batwoman green arrow & nightwing all those have been real good especially green arrow & nightwing lately an for other publishrs try walking dead or XO manowar

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My favorites have been


X-O Manowar


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@judasnixon: i havent read saga yet but ive heard great things i will get to it though i love brian k

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1. Deadpool

2. Thunderbolts

3. Gi Joe pretty good.

4. Wolverine

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gi joe is good too

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For me, it's:

1. Thor: God of Thunder

2. Harbinger

3. X-O Manowar

4. Fatale

5. Swamp Thing

6. Hawkeye

7. Batman

8. Secret Avengers

9. Captain America

10. New Avengers

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@queencorp15: I'm a Superman fanboy lol. Superman got alot better after H'El on Earth Action Comics has been pretty solid even though the Diggle/Daniel arc was pretty meh. I hate Green Arrow( the character ) I'm reading Hawkeye in trades. My brother is reading Daredevil Batman and Nightwing so I just borrow them from him except for Nightwing since I don't care for that book and I'm not into Walking Dead or XO-Manowar and most of the stuff I read is in trades only the Team's /Heroes that I really like I read there monthlies.