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Another batch of new comic books means we're treated to yet another week of stellar battles between the characters we know and love. After all, what good would all of those powers and abilities be if they never had the opportunity to use them? Every week I'll narrow down the options to my 3 favorite fights. This week we witnessed one of DC's most fearsome fighters make her return, Daredevil showcase his agility and Darth Vader display why he's a man you should fear.

There may be some minor spoilers, so proceed with caution!

Lady Shiva vs Batman & Robin (NIGHTWING #0)

This won't end well for young Grayson.

After much anticipation, the legendary Lady Shiva makes her appearance in the New 52. Infamous for being ranked among the deadliest individuals in the DC universe, Lady Shiva is a character you'd never want to take lightly. Odd costume update aside (I swear she looks like a dinosaur ninja), her reputation has carried over into the New 52 and she makes short work of Batman and Robin.

A painful lesson in humility.

Despite his best efforts, Shiva has Robin completely outclassed and a poisoned Batman can only sit back and watch his young apprentice get smacked around. That said, the notorious assassin does compliment Robin's graceful movements, claiming he's full of potential.

While it's transparent young Grayson stood no chance against Shiva, an older and more experienced Nightwing will soon face off with the killer once again. He's still not as good as her and earning a victory will take some major plot, but his own competent level of skill, agility and gadgets should make the rematch far more balanced than this display. It's just too bad Cassandra Cain wasn't around to save the day. What? Too soon?

Daredevil vs goons (DAREDEVIL #18)

Unfair fight is unfair.

It's always a joy watching Daredevil do what he does best. The agility, the precision, the technique -- he's simply superb. While he's only technically a master of a handful of styles, his radar allows him to react with superhuman reflexes (the dude casually blocks bullets) and stunning agility. He's only human, but this allows him to compete with some of the best the Marvel universe has to offer. Unfortunately, there wasn't a worthy opponent in DAREDEVIL #18, but seeing him dance around and embarrass generic goons will more than suffice.

  Daredevil is all serious business, all the time.

Darth Vader & company vs Gentis's Imperial forces (STAR WARS: DARTH VADER AND THE GHOST PRISON #5)

Spoiler alert: Darth Vader is a powerhouse. As seen here, numbers don't matter when you defeat dozens with a simple arm movement. Darth Vader is a iconic character that demanded your respect right from his first appearance, and it's quite reassuring to see that decades later he's still a complete boss in the expanded universe.

All too easy.

Vader's allies also brought an amusing display of abilities to the battle. From soaking damage to brutal strength, the army of cadets in their way were utterly outmatched. Lord Vader wasn't the only Sith Lord to unleash destruction, though. The Emperor makes a shocking appearance and the artwork by Agustin Alessio makes the display of raw force eerily beautiful.

Unlimited powahhhhhh!

Honorable Mention:Wonder Woman vs the Minotaur (WONDER WOMAN #0)

I gave a thumbs up to these battles, but what were your favorite fights this week? Sound off!

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter if you also have an odd obsession with comic book battles.

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Agreed with all of them.

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I just love when the Expanded Universe makes the movies look like s*** in comparison.

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They were all awesome

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Nicely done!

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Good picks all around A+

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Love the scene of the Emperor as a fry cook. Sweet.

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Daredevil baby!

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Looks like the emperor's got THE POWER!

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Mighty morphin Dino Shiva

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Vader, awesome as always...

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a dinosaur ninja this is something to be feared.

Vader is such a badass.

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@k4tzm4n: Nice!

And are there any other significant feats. in the Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison issue?

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Crap, i saw the star wars issue this wed. when it was being unpacked but i looked it over, i should grab the ish tomorrow...if its still there.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

Looks like the emperor's got THE POWER!

Pic for the win.

No but I was not shocked at how the last issue of the Lost Prison ended. though the final battle was just awesome.

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Excellent choices. I really enjoy this feature. Please keep it up Comicvine.

#16 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio


Eh. I don't follow the Star Wars or Star Trek books. I only really watch them if I'm bored or something (though I do have a soft spot for Jar Jar Binks and Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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The Daredevil one was really good and interesting.

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when i seen the daredevil art it kinda reminded me of the transformers animated movie...the scene where unicron transformed megatron and his cronies

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Another great breakdown! Loved the captions for the pics, especially the Star Wars one. XD I haven't read Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5 yet but will have too now, especially considering it features the Emperor, my favorite SW character of all time. That Wonder Woman honorable mention was also a great choice, given that panel.

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Ghost Prison was the best for me.

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Vader owns the rest of these in my opinion!

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@Strafe Prower said:

Nicely done!

Thank you! 
@PsychoKnights said:

Excellent choices. I really enjoy this feature. Please keep it up Comicvine.

I'll do my best to provide this segment every week, sir! 
@Queso6p4: Thanks!
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Interesting feature. I admit I have never read any SW comics but the panels you posted sure look cool.

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Awesome DD is awesome.

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@ComicMan24: Thank you. 
@Howlverine: Awesome indeed!
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His mouth said "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

His eye tattoo and white clothes said "Time for a spot of the ol' ultra-violence."

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Great article.

The Vader one is the best.

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@mrdecepticonleader: Thank you!!!
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@k4tzm4n said:

@mrdecepticonleader: Thank you!!!

No problem.

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Nice work GK.