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Holy action overload, Batman! This week was filled with plenty of popcorn entertainment as the fictional characters we love decided to solve their issues with their fists (and feet and powers and weapons), not their words. Some encounters feel forced but still serve a solid dose of fun, meanwhile the pages of UNCANNY X-FORCE has a bloody bout that can potentially make you shed tears.

The honorable mentions section is pretty packed, but I'm happy with the 3 I decided to highlight this week. If a fight you loved isn't mentioned here, please feel free to share it and go the extra mile by including scans.

There's major spoilers here, so proceed with caution!

Wolverine vs Daken (UNCANNY X-FORCE 34)

This isn't the first time this father and son have sliced into one another, and to be brutally honest, this particular fight isn't really anything special... until it hits the emotional fan at 100 miles per hour. Daken pumps some pheromones into the air and goes to town on his dad, viciously clawing off half of his face and then smashing said face into a fire extinguisher. Honestly, if Daken decides to tactically use his pheromones and skill, he should have an immediate advantage over James. However in this case, Mr. Howlett is holding back and Wolverine Jr. calls him out on it. Unfortunately for his son, Wolverine decides to stop holding back and put an end to their relationship which is well beyond repair.

I know you're a bad dude, Daken, but tampering with a fire hydrant is a federal offense!
== TEASER ==

The X-Man swiftly turns the tide, clawing open Daken's chest. Realizing this is the end, Daken's previous speech haunts his mind as he realizes what he has to do... he has to kill his son. In a scene that legitimately gave me emotional chills, Wolverine horrifically drowns his son as he wonders how everything could have been so different if he was just there for him throughout his life.

Not exactly the most honorable way to bite it.

Daken struggles and struggles, trying desperately to hold onto life, but James keeps a firm grip and sees the task through until the end. With his face crudely smashed into the dirty ground and a deep puddle of water, Daken's life eventually comes to an end. It's hard to believe a puddle is the weapon that eventually took his life (that'll be in rants & raves tomorrow!), but one thing's for sure, this was an immensely powerful moment.

Hold back those tears, Viners.

The real twist? This was all part of Sabretooth's plan to hurt Wolverine more than ever before.

Deadpool vs Theodore Roosevelt (DEADPOOL #2)

FDR vs Deadpool was nothing compared to this. The Merc with a Mouth goes to the LA Zoo to take down the former President. It begins with a hysterical bullet to the head and Teddy promptly sends Deadpool soaring into the Elephant area with one hell of a punch. The large animal then decides to boldly enter the fray, impaling Wade on its massive tusk. There's a stunning splash page of this by Tony Moore, but instead of sharing it, I'll tease the image in hopes you go out and buy the comic!

"You were either never versed in proper firearms safety, or you mean me harm."

Despite having his guts flowing from his stomach, Deadpool leaps into action, forcing the undead Commander-in-Chief to taste the bottom of his boot. Teddy gains some distance with a clean kick to Wilson's gut, but once again the angry Elephant steps into the battle and wraps its trunk around Teddy.

Somehow Teddy's hat and glasses remain on.

With the 26th President left vulnerable, Wade takes full advantage of the opening. Does he use his sword? Does he use his guns? No, sir! Deadpool uses the opportunity to give Teddy a solid strike to the junk. With Theodore incapacitated, Wade finally finds a way to fry his foe with a hefty dose of electricity. Tragically, the Elephant doesn't let go and ends up extra crispy.

So much for respecting the President.

I decided not to include an image of the burning Elephant just to protect Comic Vine from PETA's wrath.

Nightwing vs Lady Shiva (NIGHTWING #14 )

The time has finally come for Nightwing to face DC's deadliest assassin, Lady Shiva. As expected, it doesn't go too well for him. Dick Grayson is highly skilled, sporting some sweet weaponry and has exceptional agility, yet he's still quite outclassed by Lady Shiva's incredibly high degree of skill. Grayson can dance around all he wants, but eventually the assassin will gain ground and get her hits... and that's exactly what happens.

Dinosaur Ninja: 1 Dick Grayson: 0

What's especially interesting is the two fought way back when Grayson was Robin (issue #0) and Shiva almost immediately recognizes him. It's unclear if it's because of his appearance or by reading his movements, but it's impressive regardless of the reason. The match widely consists of Dick trying to go toe-to-toe and utilize his agility, but it's a futile effort. He does manage to get a solid hit to the face in, but it's a very short lived advantage.

Elbow, I choose you!

Shiva goes on to counter and overwhelm the hero, proving she is the clear superior. Her bland dialogue adds insult to injury as she flat-out states her superiority over him, too. Eventually, Shiva puts her foot down (literally) and ends the match on her terms, leaving a weakened and defeated Grayson in her dust.

Ultimately, this is a fight Nightwing can't win unless he decides to utilize his more advanced equipment. Sonics, explosives, or even electricity could turn the tide if used properly, but it truly is an uphill struggle for the first Robin and it's a fight he's very unlikely to win.

You lose, sir!

Don't feel bad, Nightwing, you were totally outclassed.

Honorable mentions:

Want more action? Here's the previous Best Battles:

Those are my top 3 this week. What are yours?

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter if you share an unhealthy obsession with comic book fights and stats.

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Love and appreciate the work you put into these articles (though i always want MORE dammit!)

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Awesome choices...I have to agree with all of them. Glad that the Cheetah fight in Justice League got an honourable mention- I enjoyed it a lot. XD. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite features, please keep it up!

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Nice choices this week. I wasn't too fond of the fight between Wolverine and Daken in UCXF as it did feel forced and the fact that Daken supposedly died by being drowned in a puddle just seemed outright lame. I'll get to see the fight in Nightwing shortly so I'm pretty psyched for that one.

@feebadger: Agreed. I like the honorable mentions section too as well as the easily accessible past postings. If this keeps up,, though, that'll turn into a long a** section.

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A puddle.

Perfectly poetic.

But y'know what? I don't see head separated from body, and to me, Daken's not dead. Wolverine's healing factor's brought him back from being flat lined many a time in the past.

While a poignant moment to be sure, in the words of the infamous Arnold; He'll be back.

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Does Daken have a healing factor? If he did posses a healing factor would it work here? I always thought that healing factors don't work if your head is chopped off or if what's killing you is internal like asphyxiation.

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Quote in the final picture! I can't believe they paid for the copyright to use that gladiator line.

#7 Posted by Outside_85 (10592 posts) - - Show Bio

@thespideyguy: The point was that Daken just tried to kill Logan the same way, as in sticking him in a huge adamantium coated tank filled with water, saying that it wasn't all that difficult to kill Logan and eventually his brain would stop working with the lack of oxygen.

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Lady Shiva looks like a Gargoyleosaurus (or one of the Ankylosauridae… maybe a Gastonia, Saichania, or Minotaurasaurus)

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And people have the nerve to talk about Cyclops, well at least Cyke doesn't have a history of killing his own kids.What's the count now, six? I look forth to you killing me later dad. (Wolverine say's) Umm, no problem bub! Grrrrrr!!

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@feebadger: @RedQueen: @Queso6p4: Thanks, it means a lot to me knowing some of you out there appreciate my weekly segments :)

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Aw I wanted Superman vs the Outlaws in there! Great choices though! And damn Wolverine really took the hard line in his relationship with Daken.

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Fun as always.

The battle between Nightwing and Lady Shiva was pretty cool, but I think I might have preferred the Outlaws vs. Superman just because it was entertaining to be rooting against Superman for a change.

For anybody interested, here is the BatWatch reviews for Nightwing #14 and RHATO 14.

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Daken is dead AGAIN? Well thats crap

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hahah spend enough time on this site and you can predict the fights of the week, im 3 for 3 on the week

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As a Lady Shiva fan, this picture angers me :( Pre-Flashpoint Shiva would have seen that lame attack coming from a mile away.

#16 Posted by Jake Fury (19517 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotta love fans that get angry because Shiva took a punch without blocking it, avoiding it or simply killing the person by looking at them. >__<

#17 Posted by TheCrowbar (4286 posts) - - Show Bio

@queenfrost_: pre-flashpoint her hair would be practical too.

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This one is easily my favorite installment. So many epic battles happened this week!

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I love this column, but I have to say the battles up there really dissapointed me (well, UXF and Nightwing did, since I'm not reading Deadpool). Like many others said, Daken's death was pretty underwhelming and the Nightwing vs. Lady Shiva battle was ruined by a terrible issue.

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Reading through the honorable mentions, I'm find myself thinking some of those would have been cooler to showcase; however, to each his own.

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Devastated re:Daken. But I know it's a comic book. So I look forward to seeing him again soon. Loved Deadpool, so great. So so great. Can't stand Lady Shiva's new look, this is ridiculous and needs to be changed immediately. Outstanding nickname with Dinosaur Ninja. She just looks so darn stupid I can't handle it.

Thanks Gregg, great article. This has become my favorite segment of CV, and a lot of fun to discuss with friends :)

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That Deadpool fight gave me quite a few chuckles when I was reading it. I also liked the hulk fight against the Mad Thinker. He thought he had Hulk with all his equations and he was wrong.. and then got ripped in half.

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@DarkerPhoenix: Thank you :D

#24 Posted by queenfrost_ (2490 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCrowbar: Hahah! Yep! She was a master warrior...The hair thing was so trivial and now it's like she has this big spikey braid thing going on.

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I like these alot friend

#26 Posted by thenexusrebound (255 posts) - - Show Bio

@thespideyguy: I the last issue Daken talked about. He was going to kill Logan by drowning him because of the lack of oxygen. So it was a twist that Logan in the end did it to him.

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@SmoothJammin said:

I like these alot friend

Thank you.

@blur1528 said:

Reading through the honorable mentions, I'm find myself thinking some of those would have been cooler to showcase; however, to each his own.


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ninjak fight was awesome

#29 Posted by RazzaTazz (8968 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n: I am surprised Arkillo didn't make the cut.

#30 Posted by k4tzm4n (35165 posts) - - Show Bio

@RazzaTazz said:

@k4tzm4n: I am surprised Arkillo didn't make the cut.

@Cavemold said:

ninjak fight was awesome

While I loved both of those, I'd be totally biased if I thought they were legitimately better than the other options I selected. Still, they made the honorable mentions list :D

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@evilvegeta74: to be fair they were all trying to legit kill him at the time and he didnt even know the others were his kids until after he had killed them all..

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My favourite was the Wonder Woman/Aquaman tag team, though it ended with Aquaman looking "at the camera", which was just unsettling:

#33 Posted by Renchamp (3276 posts) - - Show Bio

You should have put the picture in of the elephant, Greg. You know, Thomas Edison did the same thing once. Today, he's a hero.

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Great article. I meant to comment earlier. This is pretty much my favorite ongoing CV thing.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Great article. I meant to comment earlier. This is pretty much my favorite ongoing CV thing.


#36 Posted by k4tzm4n (35165 posts) - - Show Bio

@InnerVenom123 said:

Great article. I meant to comment earlier. This is pretty much my favorite ongoing CV thing.

@_Zombie_ said:

@InnerVenom123 said:

Great article. I meant to comment earlier. This is pretty much my favorite ongoing CV thing.


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That was a BULLY good time seeing Deadpool shoot Teddy Roosevelt...and anyone who is a true historian will understand the symbolism in what I just said there. Otherwise, the fight win goes to Daken vs. Wolverine, for that even made me blink in amazement at what Logan had to do.