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Hi, I'm new (just posted in the I'm new thread)

Anyway I hope this ok to post in this forum and if not I apologize in advance.

I'm looking to download a couple of the Marvel Noir series today and I was wondering from those who have read them, which are the best? I know this can be someone subjective based on which characters you like, but any opinion would be more than welcomed. The ones that most interest me are Spiderman, X Men, Daredevil and I've never read any other comics on him but I've heard the Luke Cage one is really good. I already have The Punisher one and loved it.

Any help you can give this noob would be appreciated.,

Also, as started I'm new to this site and still learning so if anyone wants to help me out/get to know me just hit me up.

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I've only read Iron Man Noir by Scott Snyder, and it was pretty good. Judging from it's portrayal in the game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, the Spider-Man Noir sounds really good too.