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Who do you think was the best villain in Marvel movies from 2000-present?

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I'm guessing the popular pick is going to be Loki, but I'm gonna go with Red Skull. Hugo Weaving was just great, and he pulled off a wonderful incarnation of one of my favorite villains.

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Dock Ock.

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Red Skull, or Magneto

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I really liked Obadiah Stane, but that just may be fueled by my everlasting love for Jeff Bridges.

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Fassbender as Magneto.

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McKellen's Magneto
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Toss up between McKellen's Magneto and Hiddleson's Loki.

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Loki! Hands down....I was thinking Fassbenders Magneto, but he came off too much as a anti-hero than a straight-up villian........MAGNETO WAS RIGHT!!!!

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hard choice.... Im gonna mention the ones I liked Loki, Red Skull, Abomation, Obadiah (IronMonger), Magneto and Shaw

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Gonna have to go with Magneto. He was awesome in X1 and X2. Then the character dipped along with everyone else in X3, but came roaring back as an anti-hero in First Class. And really, that's what all awesome villains do, isn't it? They become anti-heroes so they can stick around?

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Saying Loki would be pretty naive being I bet anyone set as the Avengers villain would automatically be a fan favorite. Although I must admit I think Loki was still pretty awesome and I myself can't imagine anyone taking his place.

I'll make a list

  • Loki
  • Magneto
  • Galactus (even if he appeared as living cloud)
  • Red Skull
  • Dr. Ock
  • Emil Blonsky (pre-abomination, he was such a bad-ass)
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I like Doc Ock and Loki (particularly in Thor, he stole the damn show!).

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No one is going to mention this one?

Kevin Bacon: Sebastian Shaw???

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Doctor Doom

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Blonsky was pretty good and the Red Skull.

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Sebastian Shaw was the SH!t.

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Whoever's idea emo Peter Parker was is the greatest Marvel movie villain by far.

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Loki. He was great in both movies, Thor and the Avengers.

I even like the movie loki better than in most of his comic appearances.

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Magneto - Xmen 1-3, X-Men First Class

Loki - Thor, The Avengers

Doctor Octopus - Spider-Man 2

Sebastian Shaw - Xmen First Class

Obadiah Stane - Iron Man

Emil Blonsky (pre-Abomination) - The Incredible Hulk

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William Stryker (X2)

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@gunmetalgrey said:

Whoever's idea emo Peter Parker was is the greatest Marvel movie villain by far.

I think we have a winner here Gentlemen.

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@The Stegman said:

McKellen's Magneto


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Doc Ock, Loki, Magneto.

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Magneto is king. I also liked Doc Ock and Bullseye.

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@The_Tree said:

I really liked Obadiah Stane, but that just may be fueled by my everlasting love for Jeff Bridges.

Totally! He was great!

Also Michael Fassbender and Ian Mckellan did great Magnetos. Tom Hiddleston as Loki probably rounds out the best Marvel villains.

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Loki, Magneto, and Red Skull.