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It has to be from a comic that came out in 2012

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3. place:

"You stink, She-hulk!" / Avenging Spider-man #7.

2. place:

"Now I'll only ask this once... Where the hell are my pants?" / Talon #0.

And the winner...

"Oh, sure. Why not? Let me start by telling you how to get there. Start out by taking a right hand turn on "go @#$% yourself" avenue... Then go straight down "Shove it up your @&$" lane!" / Some Minimum Carnage issue.

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"Captain America you are a jerk."- Gwen Stacy

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not sure if it's from 2012 but

semper fi motherf@cker

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all of these are just quotes said by one person, dialogue involves two, I think what the OP wanted was like a dialogue between people in comics that was really well done