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Ok I got to know. Who can grow the biggest in the marvel and dc universe ? I have a list so for of my faves... Hank Pym, Atom Smasher, Al Pratt and Colossal Boy. If anybody likes to add to this its cool to. So ill ask again who can grow the biggest ?

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There's also Martian Manhunter, The Spectre, Dr. Fate or Trigon.

I think Spectre or Fate can get the largest because they aren't not restricted to scientific laws or logic.

If we're going by non-magic, it's hard to decide because most grow to the same height, aka multi-story commercial building sized.

Fate and Spectre becoming larger than a planet.

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Apache Chief!!

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Hank Pym will always be the best.

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Would Plastic Man count? He can augment his size via stretching.

If he does then I vote for him.

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Apache Chief!!

LMFAO!!!! Yes!!! This!!!! Somebody else besides me knows who he is!!! Priceless!!!!

Seriously though......

atom smasher is waaaaay cool, evil goliath was always a personal favorite, and the growing man (name says it all really)

and just FYI about Colossal Boy from LSH....in one revamp it was stated that his power was actually to shrink and his race from homeworld were large in size. interesting............

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@tyrus said:

Hank Pym will always be the best.

Amen. The guy grew out of the universe