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 I need some advice on what to read..
which are the best graphic novels?
I currently own:
Tom Strong 1-3
V For Vendetta
Year one
The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Strikes again.
DC Universe: Stories of Alan Moore
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days
Black  Hole
And some other minor comics(Superman Nr.1 1980 among others) don't thinks it's worth anything, still feels good to say it though ^^
So, what kind of epic stories have i missed? : )

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You should check out the Killing Joke as another good Batman graphic novel. I had a look today at Joker as well couldn't say if it was any good because I haven't read it. Looked alright though.

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According to what i have read on sites comic magazines, etc  Y: The Last Man is one of the best. they also included Superman for all seasons and Bone   .

These three Graphic novels which i have are the graphic novels i consider the best.

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I would certainly check out Batman: The Long Halloween and Jonah Hex: No Way Back if you're interested at all in Westerns.
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Batman wise: Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Killing Joke 

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Maus by Art Spiegelman is outstanding and I think should be read by everyone

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@ScipioAfricanus said:
" Maus by Art Spiegelman is outstanding and I think should be read by everyone "
Thank you. Add The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the list.
BTW, many of those that other people have mentioned are not graphic novels. Most are long story arcs collected in trades, especially the X-Men's ones, but whatever.
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You will miss out on stuff though if you just stick to just collecting solo contained stories in my opinion.  
You'll never read about Morpheus and the endless, Jesse Custer, Cassidy and Tulip etc. etc. and other great series but hey it's your money and choice man. 
I'll tell you one that people hate me for recommending it to them after they have read it;  
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth.