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Im gonna say SHIELD is the best ive seen yet, there is also International Operations of the wildstorm universe, any one else knows a few good intelligence agencies?

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There's Checkmate in the DCU, who are arguably SHIELD's counterpart. There's also SHIELD's other branches such as SWORD (handles space stuff), ARMOR (handles dimensional stuff), and STRIKE (British counterpart).

Of them all, I guess SHIELD probably has the most influence and the most points in the win column.

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@Veshark: STRIKE doesn't exist anymore, MI:13 took there gig. 
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@judasnixon said:


Lol. Where's this from?

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@JimTheSurfer: NEXTwave Agents of H.A.T.E. The greatest book ever..... 
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The D.E.O. seems pretty interesting from what I've read. Having a skeleton in a Hawaiian shirt as Director is a bonus. :P