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I want to know what your guys favorite elseworlds and which one you think is the best.


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My favorite Elseworld of all time is Superman: Red Son. It has a kick a** Batman, the ending comes full circle.. it is just the best.

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James Robinson's The Golden Age. Hands down. Though Thrillkiller is also very good.

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I haven't read that many elseworlds stories, but I can remember my first and it still ranks up there amongst my favorites and that is: Superman The Last Family of Krypton. It was a three issue mini that came out not to long ago. I actually remember talking about it in a video, and that was the reason I went out and picked it up.

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I'll have to second Red Son: Superman.

EDIT: Wait, I'm a goddam liar. I'd nominate DC: The New Frontier. Fantastic storyline that makes me actually like characters I normally despise, like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

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Red Son for me, just amazing.

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tough call. my personal favorite probably is ...... JSA the Liberty File or JSA the unholy three. Brilliant, and if you haven't read them.....pick them up, you won't be dissapointed!

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Superman: Red Son.

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personally for me - Batman: Year 100 :)

but Red Son is also great! and i enjoy Batman : Nine Lives and Gotham By Gaslight too :

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Amish Superman Rocks! 
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Kingdom Come.

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@cosmicallyaware1: i wanna read the liberty file now... sounds interesting.

Act of God was okay but it kinda pissed me off. Need to read Red Son

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I really like Gotham by Gaslight. The first esleworld and my favorite.