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Hello, comicvine. This is my first post ever here. I know we're in 2013 now, but I'd like to ask you guys what are your favorite comic books runs (DC and Marvel) between 2000 and 2010. Here are mine in no particular order:

  • Secret Six (Gail Simone)
  • Captain America (Brubaker - 2004)
  • Teen Titans (Johns)
  • Green Lantern (Johns)
  • Nova (Abnett)
  • Superman/Batman (Loeb)
  • Thor (Jurgens)
  • Wonder Woman (Rucka)
  • Immortal Iron Fist (Fraction)
  • New Avengers (Bendis)

What are yours :D? PS: You can also do 20 if you want :P

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Also, just a question guys.. how good is Booster Gold (2007 volume) and how would you rate in from 1 to 10?

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  • New X-Men (Morrison)
  • Astonishing X-Men (Whedon)
  • Uncanny X-Force (Remender)
  • All Star Superman (Morrison)
  • The Walking Dead (Kirkman)
  • Madrox/X-Factor (David)
  • Y - The Last Man (Vaughn)
  • Teen Titans (Johns)
  • Detective Comics (Scott Snyder)
  • Runaways (Vaughn)
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There's too many to name...

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Well there a lot,so it's a little bit hard to name all of them.

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@mariobroscomics: Tough call, but i might go with Y The Last Man and Ennis' run on Punisher Max was pretty amazing in places. All Star SUperman and Millar/Hitch's run on The Authority.

Arrrgghhh! There's too MANY! :)

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Mine's are:

Astonishing X-Men (Joss Whedon)

Y: The Last Man (Brian K. Vaughan)

Runaways (Brian K. Vaughan)

Invincible (Robert Kirkman)

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@Billy Batson said:

There's too many to name...

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  • Detective Comics (Scott Snyder)
  • Walking Dead
  • Astonishing X-Men (Whedon)
  • Ultimate spiderman
  • Punisher Max ( Ennis )
  • New X-Men ( Morrison )
  • Daredevil ( Bendis )
  • Green Lantern ( Johns )
  • Gotham Central
  • Batman and Robin ( Morrison )

Those are the 10 best if i were to add some more itd probly be all star superman, Paul Dinis Detective comics run, Uncanny x-force, Runaways, immortal iron fist, Matt Fractions invincible iron man, Greg Paks incredible Hulk, Mark Waids fantastic four, Geoff Johns Teen Titans. Those are hands down the top10 of decade with some additional ones that are awsome too, any true comic book fan would read all of these.