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Here are some of our favorite comic covers for this week. What are some of yours?

It's an image that everyone has been talking about for a week -- Jim Lee's cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 where Wonder Woman and Superman are flying through the air, sharing an embrace. Regardless of how you feel about the "new status-quo," according to DC creator Jim Lee, it is what it is. What we might all be able to agree on, however, is that it's a heck of a cover.

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Next up is the cover to UNCANNY X-FORCE #30. Not only does Jerome Opena do an incredible job painting a pretty picture, but he does a fantastic job capturing the theme of this issue. Here we have Genesis standing in a wheat field outside of what he believes to be his home and in the clouds, overlooking the scene, is the face of evil. It's a great picture and captures a truly beautiful landscape.

The cover to AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #11 by Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez is fantastic. The image is simple and sweet; with Peter Parker and Aunt May sharing a sweet moment at the breakfast table. I love the fact that Parker's collar and sweater alludes to his Spider-Man costume. It's a great moment captured on a really pretty cover.

The variant cover for AQUAMAN #12 is just...well...Fantastic. We sort of have no words.

Finally is this week's cover to CAPTAIN MARVEL #3. Carol Danvers, soaring downwards through the air like a bullet -- it's just fantastic. Ed McGuinness gets help from artists Dexter Vines and Javier Rodriguez to create a retro-looking image for the cover to the series' third issue; and it fights right in with the tone and theme of the book's current story arc. The vibrant colors are eye-catching and really stand out.

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Love that X Force cover. Speaks volumes.

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I loved the variant for aquaman cover. Thought it was hilarious!

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Uncanny X-Force and Justice League were my favorites.
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I liked Uncanny X-Force cover. The Justice League cover was amazing. Wasn't a fan of the other Justice League Cover. The Superman & Wonder Woman kissing cover looks great. I liked Green Lantern Annual cover.

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I did get to the Aquaman variant before other people at my local store and I was happy. Those extra hours I picked up at work paid off.

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i think Xforce Pwns all these covers, the guy who works at my LCS saved a copy of the Aquaman variant, me being the awesome guy i am gave it to someone who wanted it more i Liked the cover and all i just didnt like the robot chicken advertisement. i think they shouldve put the AD inside it is a cool cover though. but i liked the regular cover ith Black manta better

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Justice League all the way with that cover!

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Only one bad one, and that's avenging spider -man . I would of gone with GL annual.

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I personally loved the Superman Annual #1 cover.

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Annual GL, Uncanny X-force and Variant cover of aquaman

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Saw the other cover for Superman and Wonder Woman in the Comic Vine Weekly News video and that looked rather amazing. These are all great covers but kind of thin this week.

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The cover with Genesis is so gloomy and pretty much perfect. All the other ones suck though (although the Robot Chicken one did make me laugh lol)

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Great picks yet again Babs! I really like Uncanny X-force, Captain Marvel and the very funny Aquaman cover. My personal favorite this week is National Comics: Looker #1

Really cool art from Guillem March, who's art I've been a fan of since Catwoman's New 52 series. I especially like the fact she doesn't show up on the digital camera due to the old mythos about vampires not having a reflection (which is silly honestly, but works well here).

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I really liked the Avenging Spider man and Aquaman cover from the list. But my favorite cover from this week was Green Lantern Annual #1

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Uncanny X-Force was beautiful, and Robot Chicken did everything right with the Aquaman variant. The rest on the list didn't do it for me though.

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Aquaman and Green Lantern was man favorite this week. There both just awesome.

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Yep, even if it was not a very good read, Superman Annual cover was amazing.

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That Spidey cover was great, I was totally annoyed when I read the review and saw that Chris Samnee had only done the cover, Steve Dillon did the interior. What a bait and switch.

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@Babs: Sorry, but I am officially protesting until the return of the cute glasses, therefore I can not comment :p

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Surely there's more adjectives to use than "fantastic"

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I love Chris Samnee's style!

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I really like the Captain Marvel covers. They are so clean. The Robot Chicken/Aquaman cover is hilarious too.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Justice League all the way with that cover!

I completely agree it was the most important cover of the week. The one people will remember longer but I think the Captain Marvel was the most impact. People should definitely be reading that title.

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My favorite this week... 

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Oh god the aquaman one is just fantastic.

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The Robot Chicken Aquaman cover is amazing :D

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Robot Chicken is the best

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@Ganthetsward20 said:

I loved the variant for aquaman cover. Thought it was hilarious!

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GL annual and Aquaman robot chicken variant for sure

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Meh Just JL cover.

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superman and flash annuals were really good covers imo

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I agree that the Green Lantern, although simplistic is really great. Out of this selection I really enjoy Avenging Spider-Man, Justice League and Uncanny X-Force. The Captain Marvel one is great too. Well they're all really good actually.

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Justice League #12 will be one of the most talked about cover's for awhile

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I hate the new Captain Marvel series.

All this girl power makes me wanna puke.

I'm not opposed to having a strong female lead character, but at least try to make the story interesting. Marvel stacks the feminism so high that the plot takes a backseat. And while I know there are plenty of female comic fans out there, the overwhelming majority of people who read this book are male.