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It's hard to believe another week has flown by! After looking through all of this week's new comics, we chose some of our favorite covers -- we hope you find them as impressive as we did.

First up is ANGEL & FAITH #12. My goodness, if this isn't one of the most beautiful and intricate covers I have seen in quite some time, then I just don't know. The stunning image not only features many very scary looking beasts, but it also reminds me a lot of an iconic image you may have seen in church if you're Catholic. Truly spectacular work by artist Steve Morris.

== TEASER ==

AMERICAN VAMPIRE #29 is the next cover on our list. Rafael Albuquerque does a great job with this image, providing a stark contrast between two figures; one in light and the other shrouded in darkness. This is a great, very stylized cover.

The cover to DARK SHADOWS #6 by Francesco Francavilla is absolutely stunning. I love the dark, gritty feel of this cover and the way Francavilla uses the image of the skull to create the main protagonist. It's really, really beautiful. I also adore his use of shadows in this image and the fact that he uses similar tones and colors.

Finally is the cover for I, VAMPIRE by Clayton Crain. I think it's awesome to see the two central characters tearing through a group of vicious zombies -- it's a pretty provoking image. I love how they both look so strong and empowered, too. Really great stuff. I also liked that Crain used pastels, greys and reds to color the image.

These are some of our favorite this week, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below, or post an image of your favorite comic cover this week!

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Edit: Sweet got it finally, also on topic the Dark Shadows cover is my favourite love the blending of the skull and coat

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eh... I've seen better!!

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Was the Vampire theme on purpose?

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not impressed this week.

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Best cover of the week...... 

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@IrishX said:

Best cover of the week......

great pick

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I'm noticing a trend here... (IT'S VAMPIRES!)

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The first one is really good.

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Batman:The dark knight was beautiful IMO and I don't even read it :P

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They all suck.....see what I did there??

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@The Stegman: ISWYDT lol.

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I feel like American Vampire makes on the list every week.

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I liked only the first and the last one.

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Not really a fan of any of these...then again I hate vampires, so I'm probably biased.

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Sorrentino never fails to impress.

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I Love Clayton Crain's stuff! , angel cover isnt bad either insane level of detail.

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I think the best from the list is America Vampire

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Dark Shadows is the only one I feel impressed by, the rest is just 'meh'.

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I like The Goon cover but I think the Dark Shadows is better and why doesn't The Goon get any love on Comic Vine? No reviews or coverage it seems.

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It's Dark Shadows for me. The Goon is pretty cool too. Thanks!

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This is so cool.

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@IrishX said:

Best cover of the week......

You know it. Should have been on the list especially since the Goon doesn't appear every month.

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the Venom 21 cover was really awesome

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What's the point of this segment? It seems the writer gets to choose THEIR favorite covers and say they are the best of the week when they aren't. We, the fans, buy and read lots of comics so we know what covers we like. My favorite covers of the week were Flash #11, Batman Dark Knight #11 and TMNT #12 so maybe those were the best!

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I, Vampire is very sleek indeed.

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The Dark Shadows cover is bloody beautiful!

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The cover for New Deadwardians #5 is very nice. Also, Francesco Francavilla's covers should always appear here.

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All Vampires...interesting!

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All awesome - but Dark Shadows takes it for me.

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Huh, all undead/vampire covers. All nice except for me Dark Shadows wins ^_^

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@IrishX: This!