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All four of this week's best covers have one very obvious characteristic in common: each of the covers uses a very similar cover palette and scheme to illustrate some themes of what we'll see in each issue, respectively.

The first cover to make the list (and what might be my personal favorite this week) is the cover to DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER -THE MAN IN BLACK #2. If you love artist Alex Maleev, then that should be reason alone for you to want to pick up this issue. The cover is so absolutely beautiful, and perfectly captures Young Jake on a high point in the desert mountain range, as the sun sets. Maleev captures a really beautiful and perfect setting sun; and it's an image that fully pulls you into the story. Really gorgeous stuff.

== TEASER ==

The next image is a bit more abstract -- J.H. Williams III's BATWOMAN cover is just spectacular. What a creepy, eerie cover that has our main protagonist in the clutches of yet another of Gotham's urban legends. I love the way colors are used to separate the image; everything on the inside of the serpent is in full color, while everything on the outside of the snake is in a red and white silhouette. It's really beautifully done.

The very pulpy cover to the third issue of THE SPIDER by Dynamite Entertainment is illustrated by one of Comic Vine's favorite artists, Francesco Francavilla. I love the close up of The Spider's face, and the tear in the image to make room from falling bullets. It's a super stylized very cool picture, and the use of these three basic colors (red, yellow and shades of black) really gives the picture a nice touch.

The final issue cover to make our list is the gorgeously cartoony, fun and light-hearted image on the cover of ATOMIC ROBO: THE FLYING SHE-DEVILS of the PACIFIC #2. The creator owned, indy title really struck us because it captures a lively mood and tone that you're sure to find in the book. I love the way the picture gives the reader a tiny glimpse into the atmosphere of the comic. It's awesome.

That's it from us this week! There were definitely some great issue covers to choose from, so let us know if we missed any and which ones were some of your favorites!

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Love the Batwoman covers.

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All good choices this week. This is the one I think was missed...  
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excellent Spider cover. it's a neat throwback to '70s horror imagery

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To my surprise, I wasn't too keen on this week's Batwoman cover. The rest are pretty sweet-looking though, especially The Spider one.

@IrishX: Nice choice, but I preferred cover b :) . Granted, this series comes out so irregularly I was just thrilled to have it as part of my pull for this week. I'd also have to add SW: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3.

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@Queso6p4: Yes, the B cover is great as well. I'm so psyched to be getting more Carbon Grey. Ghost Prison a great pick as well. I selectively collect Star Wars trades and have been planning on getting that series.
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All really great covers...sorry...I'm still just in a Dark Knight Rises coma...I will need at least a day to recover...

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The spider one reminded me of spider man noir.

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@IrishX: who are the charactors in that cover ?

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Huge omission: Saga #5. Every cover from that series should be showing up on this list.

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Did the Spider #3 really come out this week? Either Diamond or my local shop is slipping up.

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All the covers are awesome!

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The Batwoman cover is amazing!

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Wow, really nice covers! I must say that the most Batwoman (New 52) covers are awesome.

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@ExistenceBiker:  In the Carbon Grey cover the guy with his back to us and big fur coat is the Wolf General. The girl holding the staff is Mathilde Grey. The man on the right side with the eye is The Baron. The girl in the center is named Alena.
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This is actually my favorite from this week:

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It's all good this week. I'm kind of partial to the Stephen King's Dark Tower Gunslinger - The Man in Black #2.

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Its hard to put Saga each time its released but mine is probably Saga. That Dark Tower is amazing though.

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Bad week this week for covers although I liked The Spider and Mars Attacks.

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Batwoman covers and interiors always blow it out of the water completely. Absolutely gorgeous artwork.

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Really digging the Dark Tower cover but I gotta go with Batwoman #11 for the week's best cover too.

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@gunmetalgrey said:

This is actually my favorite from this week:

I'm going with this one.

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Batwoman and THe spider cover looks awesome

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nice artwork all around!

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Damn - that Gunslinger one is nice!