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There were a lot of really great looking covers this week, and it was pretty hard to choose but we managed to narrow it down to a select few.

First up is the cover to the fourth issue of SAGA. Fiona Staples does an absolutely amazing job on this series written by Brian K Vaughan, but the cover to this week's issue has to be one of our favorites. It's simple and beautiful. Very detailed.

== TEASER ==

The next cover is for issue #14of DAREDEVIL. Paolo Rivera did an absolutely impeccable job illustrating Daredevil being held under the watchful eye of Doctor Doom. It's representative of what happens in the issue, which we loved, but it's also beautifully drawn.

BATWOMAN covers are usually very impressive, and this week's is no different. The cover for BATWOMAN # 10 plays with colors, depicting Batwoman in red and black, and her adversaries surrounding her in shades of grey. It's really compelling because it shows the array of enemies she has. It's really very pretty.

Finally is the cover to WONDER WOMAN # 10, by Cliff Chiang. We're huge fans of Chiang and his work on WONDER WOMAN and this cover is no different. We loved how the themes on the cover are representative of what we see inside the issue. The use of pastels are also a really great touch.

These were some of our favorites, what were yours? Let us know what covers were your favorite from this weeks new comic releases.

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Really loved the Wonder Woman cover this week. The book itself is easily one of my favorite books every month.

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Batwoman's cover was gorgeous, as usual.

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All these covers are awesome this week!

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What, nothing on Nightwing?

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My favourite was Captain Atom 10 this week.

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Wish I could see the Saga #4 cover in person.. Image has a real problem arriving in Canada on time. My #3 hasn't even arrived yet ffs! Brutal. (rant over)

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No surprises here :)

- No, I wish that the companies had more consideration for their international customers. Money spends the same and its a big market.

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Daredevil looks like he's feeling Braile on Doom's faceplate. On purpose?

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All good covers. I really like the Uncanny X-men cover this week.

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I like Batwoman and Wonder Woman the best!

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I don't even like Saga, but I agree that that is an amazing cover. The rest I'm not overly fussed on :)

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Anybody notice Doom has braille on his helmet?

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Might be my fan-boyness kickin in but Nightwing's was pretty awesome this month.

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the braille says Doom

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I'd like the batwoman , nightwing was pretty awesome as well

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I'm sorry but where's the Nightwing cover it was awesome!

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My vote goes to the Batwoman cover.

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I'm in love with the Batwoman and Wonder Woman ones <3

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Looks awesome

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I like all of these here.

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the daredevil's one is not impressive.

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What about that nightwing cover?? Everyone check that out! But Fiona Staples does it again amazing cover!

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Nightwing was good, sure, but it had nothing on Batwoman or Wonder Woman, and this wasn't even one of Batwoman's best.

However that Daredevil one is weak compared to most of the recent DD covers.

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The Wonder Woman cover rules.

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The Red Hood and the Outlaws had a great cover! I like that Starfire is wearing a form fitting body suit now! I don't care for the swim suit look on female characters.

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Wonder Woman and Batwoman <3

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I like the Daredevil cover.

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DareDevil and Batwomen covers are awesome!!!

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The Daredevil one is especially impressive not just because Daredevil is feeling Braille on Doom's face, but because it is the braille for "doom"

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The Batwoman one was awesome.

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That ww should not have made the list. It is grotesque. Chang always disappionts. Maybe now with ww's new incoming illustrator i will start buying again.
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Batwoman cover is cool. Wonder Woman's cover is just plain badass!

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Batwoman covers have always been amazing:D

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You nailed it this week.

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The covers for Batwoman never fail to impress.

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I only liked the Batwoman one :/

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Love the Daredevil cover, as always