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Sometimes it can be hard to choose our favorite comic covers for the week's new releases, and this week was no different. We've sifted through our buy pile and chosen some of our favorite covers and spotlighted them below. Let us know which of the covers you loved and if we miss any, be sure to post them below and share them with us. Now, without further ado, here are our favorite comic covers for the week of May 17th, 2013.

First up is the stunning J. H. Williams III cover to BATWOMAN #20. The issue cover is ink washed in red, highlighting a very eerie and creepy plot that unfolds within its pages. J. H. Williams III creates an incredibly stunning and abstract image that is sure to draw your attention.

Artist Chris Eliopoulos' variant cover to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA #1 is just adorable -- so much so that we simply had to highlight it here. The image is simple but great and very humorous, and sometimes that's refreshing from the very detailed, elaborate covers we sometimes see.

Artist Massimo Carnevale's cover to CONAN THE BARBARIAN #16 is absolutely stunning. The pencils are breathtaking and beautiful and the colors are subtle in shades of pastel that really make for a striking image.

Richard Corben had us doing a double take with his cover to THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER #1. The image is so bizarre and so creepy that we had to put it on our list. It's definitely not the type of cover you see everyday and that's one reason why we had to get it on our list.

Mike and Laura Allred team up to deliver a gorgeous cover to FF #7 which completely captures the hilarious and lighthearted tone of the story that we see inside. The result is a cover that is not only really pretty and well done, but also one that pays a bit of an homage to silver age comics that features dialogue on the cover. The result is a great image that is not only funny but also really well done.

Sometimes a cover is all about perspective: such is the case for GREEN HORNET #2's variant cover by artist Jonathan Lau. The cover gives the sense that we are looking down on our heroes from above, and it is very well done.

Last, but certainly not least is the cover to ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #23 by artist David Marquez. The image is an homage to John Romita Sr.'s iconic image of Spidey walking away from his costume. It's a fantastic image and Marquez pays a fantastic tribute.

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Conan is a freaking awesome book

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that ultimate spidey looks sweet. almost want to by it and i hate miles

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Richard Corben is insane. Love that guys stuff.

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You could make a book with J. H. Williams's Batwoman covers and I'd buy it. Everyone of them is a masterpiece.

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That FF one is probably my favorite this week.

It has an awesome retro vibe.

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Love Batwoman's the best. FF is good too. Fables should be on here unless it's not this week but last week.

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@pikahyper: the new warriors came back? Or is this an alternate cover for another series?

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Where's The Shadow #13 covers?

Batwoman - The black-and-white version is even better as the grey tones make for a better, more distinct contrast.

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@longbowhunter said:

Richard Corben is insane. Love that guys stuff.

Me, too... though I only know his work from short stories in Dark Horse's Creepy and his E.A.Poe adaptions in DHP. Looking forward to get a copy of The House of Usher.

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Very nice picks this week.

Where's The Shadow #13 covers?

Batwoman - The black-and-white version is even better as the grey tones make for a better, more distinct contrast.

While I'm not a huge fan of variants this one is stunning. Thanks!

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the Batwoman cover is amaze-balls & so the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Dave is just awesome-sauce :)

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My favorite cover this week is the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

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the guy that does batwoman is one of the best artist ever

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I liked Ultimate I also liked Nightwing.

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Batwomans covers are always great and I really need to start picking up Conan.

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Batwoman cover amazing yet again.

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Conan is a freaking awesome book

And yet it's under the radar for most.


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Yeah, Batwoman is pretty consistent with stunning covers (and I loved this month's familial plot line too). But that Conan cover is beautiful, with the contrasting cool toned, ominous hands and the brightly colored Eden below.

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LMAO at the Battlestar Galactica cover!

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Toy Cover. I like this cover, its a Variant that you'd have to pay 5 more dollars more for so my store will get the Generic cover

Regular Cover. meh

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Couldn't find a bigger one.

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Corben's cover and this were my two favorite this past week.

Couldn't find a bigger one.

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@doomdoomdoom: Regular Show had a handful of good issues for the debut. The week issue 2 comes out I can already tell one of the variants is going to be my favorite that week too.

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Loved the FF cover as usual, and Nova #4 was pretty solid and intriguing

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These articles are some of my favourite on the site. The FF cover is so beautiful and I love the silver age feel to it.

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I agree about FF and I have that Green Hornet alternate cover but I haven't read it yet

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The Battlestar Galactica cover is brilliant, love it. Batwoman is extremely dramatic and I quite like the Green Hornet style too.

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Batwoman and U. Spidey are he best

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That Green Hornet cover is awesome!

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Batwoman always has beautiful covers, but this week's is one of the best. It's really a stunning piece.