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Each week we sift through our pull list and choose some of our favorite comic book covers to all of the week's new releases. This week it was pretty tough, but we managed to choose a few really good ones. Check them out below and let us know what you think. Don't forget to let us know what your favorites are by posting them below.

First up on our list is the fantastic cover to SAGA #12 by the series' artist Fiona Staples. The cover is absolutely stunning in terms of detail and colors.

Next up is the variant cover for AVENGERS #9 by artist Joe Quinones that is like a throw-back to silver and golden age comics. It's a beautiful image that is pretty enough to be a poster.

Artist Phil Noto's cover to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER : SEASON NINE #20 is just fantastic, it really captures the abstract and is complimented by absolutely lovely colors.

Matthew Dow Smith delivers a stunning cover for the reprint of two Doctor Who stories in DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS #2. We loved the angles and the blocky style of the image, it really stood out to us as unique and unlike something we see very often.

The cover time THE ROCKETEER: HOLLYWOOD HORROR #3 by Walter Simonson is really lovely; the image has a fantastic pulpy feel.

And last but certainly not least is David Aja's cover to HAWKEYE #9 featuring Kate Bishop, Clint's sometimes sidekick and the girl that keeps him out of trouble.

These are some of our favorite covers, what are some of yours? If there is a cover you liked that didn't make our list make sure to post it below!

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Hawkeye was the only cover I really liked this week.

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What about STAR WARS?!?!

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I wouldn't touch anything that says "Avengers" with a 33 and half foot pole, but that cover is awesome!

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Fiona Staples is words really cover how amazing she is.

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The Avengers cover= The Winner!!

I'm a sucker when it comes to old-school arts. We need more of that!

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Hawkeye was so great they made a T-Shirt out of it:

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The Peter Cannon variant is pretty cool...

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Demon Knights should be on here...

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i feel like you guys could do more with the blurbs or leave them out all together...most of the comments under the covers are generic and sort of obvious. We know you like it you it, you put it on the page.

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Uncanny Avengers #6

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Except for Hawkeye none of the comic books I read ever seem to make the best comic book covers list.

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Hawkeye's the only cover I liked in this weeks article.

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Love that Doctor Who cover with Seventh Doctor there. Win, so much win.

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I think it isn't on people's radar but I thought the cover for Fantastic Four #6 was one of the best for it's simplicity.

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@g_man said:

What about STAR WARS?!?!

Bahaha! Thats funny seeing G_Man ask about an article. Love it, you tell her Tony

P.S. Im joking Sarah, but its still funny!

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Great composition on the Rocketeer cover!