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We had a lot of really beautiful comic covers for this week, and we've picked some of our favorites to post here. Check out our favorite comic book covers for this week below and let us know if there are any that we missed and be sure to post them in the forums below!

Greg Capullo's cover to BATMAN #18 is very simple, and sometimes less can be more -- that is the case here. A pair of boots and a pretty robin tell us a lot about what's on the mind of our Caped Crusader this month.

== TEASER ==

Ezekiel has a tiger on artist Charle Adlard's cover to the latest issue of WALKING DEAD #108, and what a beautiful tiger it is. The cover is detailed and the perspective is perfect. Beautiful colors and detailed pencils make this a great image.

Artist Jae Lee's final cover to BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS #6 of 6 is amazing. The cover features the series' central character atop a beautifully painted octopus. The shadows and colors used to enhance the detailed picture is well illustrated, too.

Francesco Francavilla's really pretty, pulpy and simple cover to THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #1 reprint. I love that Francavilla uses very simple covers and an image to draw the reader into the story.

Artist Nick Runge's cover to FEVER RIDGE: A TALE OF MACARTHUR'S JUNGLE WAR #2 is beautiful. The cover looks like a painting and the colors are simply exquisite. Really beautiful stuff.

Finally, artist Michael Del Mundo's abstract cover to X-MEN LEGACY #7 is really stunning. The cover is simple enough and abstract, and the colors are truly, truly beautiful.

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That Before Watchmen cover is hideous!

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Ugh, that Batman one is so depressing :(

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@guttridgeb said:

Ugh, that Batman one is so depressing :(

I know right?

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@carnivalofsins00 said:

That Before Watchmen cover is hideous!

I love it! Jae Lee is amazing.

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@xAnimosity: Jae Lee is good, but i really didn't like his work on that title.

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Batmans cover is so good. Yea, not sure why the Before Watchmen cover made it. It's not too good.

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I love the cover to Batman #18. The Black Beetle one is nice too. Can't wait for the series to be collected.

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For this week, I love the cover of Wolverine #1. Probably not the "best" in the eye of other readers, however because I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, I love it.

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@ColonelRunAway: just noticed everyone looks the same. Still a good cover.

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I wish Batman and Robin's cover was used for Batman and vice versa; just seemed more fitting in my head this week.

I agree with most of these, especially the Fever Ridge cover which reminds me of Apocalypse Now. I can't get behind that X-men Legacy cover though. It's abstract, but doesn't really propel itself or the book with it's weird/random imagery.

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I think I'm going to get The X-Men Legacy trade of Legion. The cover arts are always Dope, and I been wanting to learn more about him. (+)
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Capullo’s cover for Batman #18 is a stark reminder of recent events in the Bat-Family. The image is high-contrast, simply and sharply inked, with a pretty basic colour scheme: red and green, the long-standing colours of one of comics’ most beloved sidekicks. By comparison, the bird in the image has been coloured in a more painterly style, with blended colours and a softer line qualityThe boots being drawn empty and untied lends a sense of abandonment to the image, and the bird that has claimed them as its perch is another signifier, akin to birds occupying old ruins. There has been death here. But it’s a robin, and while we see that immediately as a reference to the chosen name of the deceased, perhaps it is a sign of things to come. Robins are a sign of spring, of hope, and of new life. There may be more to this cover than initially captures our attention.

Rathburn’s art on the front of The Walking Dead #108 does the chosen imagery justice…except for the tiger. The feline appears washed out, an attempt at atmospheric perspective that falls short (also, the animal isn’t far enough to warrant that stylization. It could be that the tiger is supposed to be a representation of the character’s spirit, and appear ethereal, but this is not well communicated if it is the case). The posture and rendering of the figure is exquisite though, weighted well and posed in a way that seems relatively natural. All in all an excellent cover, save for the tiger, which I feel detracts from the image as a whole.

Jae Lee’s Ozymandias #6 cover is interesting. We saw Capullo’s cover present a subtle difference in style between the sharply inked boots and the more painterly bird; this cover is just plain inconsistent, though I suspect blame for that falls on the colorist. The pencil and ink work is gorgeous; the octopus is drawn flawlessly, with some truly beautiful stylization in the most silhouetted areas, and placing the whole thing on a stark white background heightens this. And there is nothing wrong with the colour scheme; the purple/gold and red/green combinations are basic colour theory, complementary hues. What destroys it is the textural inconsistency. The character of Ozymandias is cell-shaded with minimal gradient (a call back, perhaps, to Gibbons’ work on the original comics), but the octopus has been rendered in an extremely high-texture, painterly fashion. The image lacks unity, and that is its stumbling point.

The pulp reference in the cover for The Black Beetle #1 is really great. Francavilla’s use of the three-colour composition used in old screenprint processes adds a lot of punch to the cover. It’s highly stylized, simple, and bold, all of which compound into a classic look that was clearly the objective here. I will pick on one pet peeve of mine; artists who don’t understand the mechanics of weaponry. I don’t know what’s going on with the slide on the gun in his right hand, but it’s not functional. Aside from that, I have no complaints. Really a very well-constructed cover.

The cover for Fever Ridge is, as Sara said, “really beautiful stuff”. It’s a barebones colour scheme of washed-out olive drab and red-orange of varying intensities, and that’s it. The painterly attention to texture application is impressive, especially in the faces, which have been built up using flats of colour to describe volume and form. The composition of the piece as a whole, and the attention to detail in the costumes, is really just the icing on the cake, and it’s damn good icing. The subtlety of the hatching to create the canvas-like texture that we read as “painting” pulls it together. It’s a truly gorgeous piece of work, and well deserving of a spot on this page.

Lastly, Del Mundo’s cover for X-Men Legacy #7 is most certainly not abstract. As one who is wrapping up a third year at art school, I’ve seen and dealt with my fair share of abstraction; the fact that you can still recognize this image as the human body means it doesn’t qualify. “Stylized” is about as deep as you can go before you run out of appropriate vocabulary for this; sorry, Babs. The use of illumination and geometry in this cover is really great; the artist’s command of the wash-like texture he’s applied to his colours (assuming this is digital work) augments the lighting effect. Compositionally it’s fairly sound. I don’t know that the diagonal orange strip at the bottom right is necessary; it clashes with the rest of the colour scheme and feels oddly superfluous and disconnected. Otherwise, the watercolour look that he’s got going on is really working for him.

That’s my two-cents. Cheers.

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@Vitaeleous said:

I think this page is supposed to present a grounded critique of illustration; at least, that’s the impression I get from the way some of the writing is worded. But it’s not getting it, it’s still only floating around the “well this is really pretty, so there” level. Let’s get to the meat of these covers.

I think that little paragraph just made me throw up a little.

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@Hablerie: Oh? Well, apologies. Maybe I'm holding too high a standard to these forums; next time I'll write, "I like how nice this page is, and the way they post pretty pictures that I like to look at and say stuff about." It's tamer, and makes fewer people think. We wouldn't want that, someone might get hurt.

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I come here for the pretty pictures.

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I love the description of that Ezekiel character in his own page

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@xAnimosity: Agree.

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The Batman one is amazing but so depressing!

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@Vitaeleous: Or you could try being a little more mature and just post the critiques you made; without the accompanying paragraph lamenting the quality of people involved with this site. Why not try encouraging the conversation rather than pointing fingers at those not creating it?

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I like the X-Men one the best I think.

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@Vitaeleous: Really?

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I apologize if i came across as immature; that really wasn't the intention. I've removed the first paragraph, and yeah, I'll take you guys under advisement. What I'd like to see is people really starting to think critically about they're reading, taking a little agency with it, and learning what words like "abstract" really mean. I think it's important. And if I can figure out how not to be a dick about it at the same, all the better. So, thank you.

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EVery cover of XMEN Legacy is AWESOME

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@Hablerie said:

@Vitaeleous: Or you could try being a little more mature and just post the critiques you made; without the accompanying paragraph lamenting the quality of people involved with this site. Why not try encouraging the conversation rather than pointing fingers at those not creating it?

I didn't get the impression that he was being immature or that there was really anything wrong with what he said. He was simply adding a critique of this feature, saying that he'd want to see more out of the people choosing these covers as the "best" of every week. And he's right. They do usually just say "oh, this is pretty because of the colors and the lines." Maybe they should delve deeper into what exactly qualifies them as the "best" covers because there are a lot of "pretty" covers out there. What make these better than any others?

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X-men Legacy never fails to be my favourite cover each month. I hope this run continues to blow me away with its covers.

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@sideshowsob: Is the rest of the book any good?

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@ClintsEvilTwin: Yes this book was pretty good. This whole series has been pretty entertaning thus far. I would highly recommend picking it up, the first arc just finished last issue so this week would be a great time to dive in.

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The pulp-lover in me is screaming in ecstasy at that Black Beetle cover. Francavilla is AMAZING!

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The thing I probably love the most about Francavilla is his color choice it really conveys a dark, noir tone.