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Each week the Comic Vine Staff sifts through the new releases and chooses what they believe to be the best looking covers of the week. As usual, if there are any covers that you loved that we may have missed be sure to post them in the forum thread below. Now, without further ado, here are the best comic book covers of the week!

First up is the cover to DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED #1 cover Mike Del Mundo is fantastic where Moby Dick meets Deadpool. The detail and colors make this one really stand out.

== TEASER ==

Next is the cover for BATWOMAN #16. J.H. Williams III which is absolutely superb. The serpents on Medusa's head are well done and the image is very detailed.

Rob Guillory's cover to CHEW #31 is fantastic and the perspective is just beautiful. We loved that you view these characters from below and look up at them. Rob is also a fantastic artist with a unique style, so it's great to see him make the list this week.

A second DEADPOOL #4 cover makes the list this week; this time illustrated by Tradd Moore. The abstractness of the image and the overall style is what really stood out to us.

Last but certainly not least is the cover to ASTONISHING X-MEN#58 by Phil Noto. We won't lie, we're big fans of Phil Noto's work and very particular style, which are a couple of reasons why we couldn't resist getting him on the list. The colors are what really struck us about this cover, the way it is bright yet subtle at the same time if fantastic.

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Love Batwoman's Cover!

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Spike- A Dark Place #5 
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I'm not even a big Marvel fan but Uncanny X-Force's cover was so beautiful this week I was kind of blown away (though it's been beautiful almost every issue in the past, so maybe that doesn't make it all that special).

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Can you block the GA ad...

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Uncanny X-Force #1 had an awesome cover by Coipel! Those colors just killed me!

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I have to say I love the Deadpool Killustrated cover.

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Looks like it was a weak week for comic covers. Besides the Deadpool, all the other were just alright. Maybe next week will be better.

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Epic, four hearts outa four

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I enjoy the FF cover. It has an old school feel to it that I just really fall for.

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Great picks, Babs.

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@Babs: Both Deadpool covers are exceptional. Did you ever think about having yourself drawn by some of those artists? If I were you I would already have a broad collection of "myself according to..."

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I love the first Deadpool cover. Astonishing X-Men is remarkably beautiful as is the Batwoman cover. Great covers.

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@DocFatalis said:

@Babs: Both Deadpool covers are exceptional. Did you ever think about having yourself drawn by some of those artists? If I were you I would already have a broad collection of "myself according to..."

I don't think I would want to see so many pictures of myself :P

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Great choices! Really digging that Deadpool Killustrated cover the most...

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Astonishing X-Men one is kind of boring, but the rest of the list is excellent.

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The Batwoman cover is brilliant! Maybe it would be even better without the skulls and black eyes only?

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The Deadpool Killiustrated was pretty cool, it would have made be buy it, if I wasn't already going to because it's Deadpool.